Saturday, June 28, 2008

Treasury Chief To Campaign For Labour

The CEO of the Treasury is to take five weeks leave to go to the aid of the endangered NZ Labour Party who really are just a mob of hairy arsed wombats.

Looks a lot like Hodgson.

Does anyone seriously think that the absence of this poobah from just one meeting will put the economy at risk?

Bloody hell, I'd better get over there and put a twenty billion dollar policy on his life.


Anonymous said...

no adolf, you are a bit adrift on this, Ken Henry isnt like our Treasury Secretary - he actually IS hugely talented and utterly respected on both sides of the Parliament. He served very successfully under Howard, and is already a deeply trusted advisor to the Rudd regime - so much so, that some commentators see his steadiness and expertise as ridiculously important.

I do agree that missing 1 meeting isnt going to change the planet - the guy deserves a holiday, he hasnt had one for a few years now.

KG said...

Wombats are cute and intelligent--unlike Hodgson.

Clunking Fist said...

Conversly, if Rudd fucked off for 5 weeks, would it put the economy is danger? In danger of getting back on the rails after his dicking it around.

Anonymous said...

5 weeks!!! This just goes to show how slack the leave rules in both Aussie and NZ are.

Leave is a priviledge, not a right.

The idea of four weeks, or two weeks, or frankly any amount of paid leave is yet another imposition of socialism.

Australia may be able to afford it: New Zealand certainly cannot

A law change is required, making absolutely clear that any payments whatsoever to an employee who is not working are blatantly corrupt

For the rest, let the market sort things out.