Monday, June 30, 2008

"Tawdry Audrey" has some explaining to do

I'm not into roasting individual journos as much as dear old Adolf is.
Perhaps being one myself, I can vouch that receiving a right rollicking does not always get the desired effect from politicians.
It might piss off the hacks even more to be even more beastly about the individual or their party.
I recall Adolf once calling Herald Political Editor Audrey Young 'Tawdry Audrey' about how she stitched up John Key over something.
However, I am curious over her complaint to the Electoral Commission concerning National Party literature.
"A complaint from the New Zealand Herald's Political Editor Audrey Young that a National Party flyer was an election advertisement that did not have a promoter's statement was rejected by the commission.
It said the leaflet called "Join the conversation" was described by National as not talking about the election, but about listening to people and developing policy, both of which were legitimate parliamentary activities.
The commission agreed that the "overall character" of the flyer was not to encourage people to vote or not vote for a party."
Now, Audrey Young and the NZ Herald may have legitimate grounds for this. Testing the law purely in the interests of getting a story? Gaining clarification on what is permissable under the EFA, or not?
But it can be seen the wrong way, like they are telling tales out out of school.
Indeed, this incident does run the risk of Audrey Young appearing prejudiced against a political party if she is reporting them for alleged misdemeanours. Has Audrey Young made complaints about Liarbour, NZ First or any of the other parties?
To set our minds at rest, the NZ Herald's political editor has some explaining to do. I would hate Adolf to again use the nickname he coined for Audrey.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, I must say I've just looked over The Herald and that did raise my eyebrows? Hardly the actions of a truly independent journalist.

Anonymous said...

How bizarre! What was the political editor of New Zealand's biggest and best paper doing acting like some Liarbore lapdog?
Aren't the journos at least meant to keep up some pretence of neutrality?
Has she been got at by Liarbore though over the EFA and other stuff and now seeks to get back into their good books?
I recall the Stranded boys were must angry with her and Granny when they ran that front page on the EFA.