Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The sustainability paradox

A paradox is a strange thing.
Something that should be simple to figure out can easily be turned into a complicated brain scrambler. Unforeseen holes can appear.
Our government is also a paradox.
We started out with a government that collected taxes to be spent building infrastucture for society. Important things like hospitals, schools, housing, defence forces, roads, bridges, power stations. They were serving a robust society that was intent on building a great nation with a good standard of living for all.
So where is the paradox.
Well under Labour the building blocks have been rearranged and a hole has appeared. They have twisted our perception of society from being robust to being broken. They have said that our society needs fixing. This is bollocks. Now billions of dollars are thrown down a hole to fix “problems” that they have created in the first place.
The government has gone from being a solution for society, to being both the solution and the problem at the same time. No end of money will ever solve this paradox and it is ultimately unsustainable.
Sustainability should start at the top, not with lightbulbs. We need a government that focuses on core issues in a wise and frugal manner that we can afford as a society.It is not our society that is broken but our politicians.


Barnsley Bill said...

Is anybody else struggling to understand what those images are all about?


Well, it's got me flummoxed.
Obviously it is about rearrnging things and you get a hole.
But I cannot see how this happens.
The shapes seem to be the same size as before, but somehow a hole has appeared, yet the shapes cover the same space as before.
I am all confused unless I have made a mistake somewhere.

Barnsley Bill said...

it is making my head hurt, chuck another post up FFM.

Anonymous said...

It highlights the hole in Liarbore's policies.
But like Fairfacts, I cannot see how the hole appeared when the shapes cover the same space.
Put us out of how misery Lou.
How did this happen?


PS Not much happening today, is there?

Barnsley Bill said...

There is on my blog

Anonymous said...

The hypotenuse of the overall triangle isn't straight. The red and yellow triangles aren't similar. That's why you get the hole.

Lou Taylor said...

If I knew the solution I wouldn't be sitting here writing crap posts now ,would I

Anonymous said...

If you new the solution you'd be voting ACT.

State education explains so much about NZ.

State education should be banned, and anyone who benefited from it also banned from being in the civil service of government.

(and yes, if that means Cullen is in, English is in, and Key is out - so be it! The UK government is mostly drawn from Eton, and the country clearly benefits from that!)

Anonymous said...

Educate yourselves guys, then vote Act for a decent education system that teaches 'te basics' (maths in this case) and not 'te reo'.

Anonymous said...

amkvreahBB - No, it's a quite simple example of the way HMG have rearranged the deckchairs to cause a hole in the Good Ship NZ's hull so we can be pursuaded to pay for a refit that doesn't really need to take place!
Fairfacts - it's called obfuscation, and is an art taught in Political Science degree courses and practiced by both qualified and uneducated politicians
Anon et al, - Look at the hight of the red and yellow triangles and all will be revealed.