Sunday, June 1, 2008

Something else to worry about

A New World Order.

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reid said...

Check the link Fairfacts.

Barnsley Bill said...

it is broken, the youtube takes eons to load when you get there as well.


Link fixed

reid said...

So what's your point here Fairfacts?


Maybe we have a New WorldOrder to worry about too.
Especially if it features Big Brother activities like spying on the citenzry.
And if the sovereignty of individual countries is 'pooled' like a much larger EUSSR, it can hardly be democratic.
We have seen how countirie like Britain losetheir rights over matters like immigration, even selling straight bananas by the pound, through such trans-national bodies.

Anonymous said...

I agree that is where we are heading Fairfacts. My prediction is that the USA will be replaced by the Pan-American state by 2015 (after the reign of Billary), introducing the 'Amero' to replace the US dollar. About the same time we will be merging with Australia (well maybe even sooner) and a handful of South East Asian countries, possibly with our own currency as well. Gradually we will be governed by a world body.
It's going to be a hell of a ride.


reid said...

Unfortunately most people are totally unaware of even the existence of this group let alone who they are, what their objectives are and what they do to achieve those.

All of those things you mention are relevant and it goes much deeper than just those. Putin for example is NWO as is Hu Jintao.

Unfortunately you can't debate this rationally since most people in their profound ignorance write it off as an imaginary conspiracy theory. As soon as you mention those words most people immediately place the debate in the realm of fantasy and look no further into the subject. Actually it's nothing of the sort, it's real and it does operate and affect politics today. The easiest way to prove that is to use your understanding to predict future events and that's precisely why I put those Dec-Jan posts up on Kiwiblog about who would win the Presidential elections. So far everything I said back then has panned out.

As Goebbels said, what you want is ostensible diversity when actually what you have is underlying uniformity. I've said many times that left-right politics is a punch and judy show designed to fool the gullible. The video alleged both Bill Clinton and GHW Bush are NWO and that applies also to Hillary and GWB too. The same principle also applies to geo-politics so for example we've seen deteriorating relations between Russia and the US and they may even get into a conflict yet underneath that there is a wider agenda.

If you're just getting into the subject and you're anything like me then it will take many months if not years before you can accept these superficially fantastic propositions actually have real evidence sitting behind them. It involves a complete paradigm shift and those don't come overnight but once the scales drop away from your eyes then you'll have a brilliant tool for political analysis and prediction.

I expect many people will say what a bunch of bollocks and to them I say the proof is in the predictions. McCain wasn't even on the map when I said he'd win the Presidency. So far he's won the nomination and when I made the prediction everyone was expecting Guiliani to be the strongest front-runner. In addition, Hillary was the Dem favourite when I said Obama would win the nomination but lose the Presidential race. So far Obama is looking like the certain nominee. I also said McCain would select Huckabee as his running mate, die in office and Huckabee would take over as President. Maybe it won't be Huckabee, but McCain is to me an obvious Manchurian candidate and I suggest you examine very carefully the man who he selects as his running mate, for he is the real President. I expect McCain to be around for awhile after November however and you just watch what he does esp in his foreign policy vis-a-vis Iran, Russia and China. One thing I guarantee is that he will not be acting in the best interests of the US just as Bush and Clinton didn't.

The subject is quite complex and there are many sites that detail the NWO background and objectives. One of the best is and there is a book called Clarity by Joseph Ehrlich available from Amazon.

One final thing and that is I'm always prepared to accept that it's a complete fantasy however to do that one needs to actually address the arguments and evidence for it and argue that all the historical events and connections did not happen in the way outlined. Just alleging it's a fantasy because it doesn't equate with your current understanding of how the world works doesn't cut the mustard.