Thursday, June 26, 2008


Let's summarise:

1- We have State-owned enterprises funding shonky reports to promote government policy on emmissions trading.

2- We have bureaucrats receiving bonuses just to join the union, with the aim some of the taxpayer cash will be funnelled back into Liarbour.

3- We have a prime minister who fears a referendum, and an electoral chief too lazy to organise one in time for the general election giving her the excuse.

4- And today we have another 'gate' for the government, giving Liarbour more 'gates' than you'll find on the biggest farm. It had already decided to sack the Hawkes Bay DHB Board before the supposed 'consultation period.' More ministerial meddling to protect Annette King and her husband.

So there we have it, Liarbour riding roughshod over due and proper processes while getting its grubby paws on ou cash to fund its re-election. Call New Zealand a democracy? More like a Shamocracy!


Bryan Spondre said...

And we have a vibrant blogosphere spreading the good news!!!

reid said...

Interesting the Chief Electoral Officer has been replaced. In the last election it was David Henry - ex-Head of IRD - who left in unjustified ignominy from that role, courtesy of Liarbore and wound up in that seemingly dead end. Some may recall he took Liarbore to task for their pledge card.

How convenient.


Well spotted Reid.
I wonder if anyone else has spotted this interesting fct.