Monday, June 23, 2008

Peters admonishes use of hacked emails

Q: If you look in the Oxford Dictionary for the word "hypocrite" how does it define it?
A: It simply says "Winston Peters".

A spokesman for Foreign Minister Winston Peters, said it was of "grave concern" that Shameem and the military were using what appeared to be hacked private emails.

He rejected any suggestions that New Zealand was interfering in the internal affairs of Fiji, saying their entire energy was "directed at getting Fiji to hold free and fair elections".

Don Brash could have been Prime Minister and his stolen/hacked emails could have been used against him. In fact, Peters referred to them in Parliament in his infamous "book of emails" throwaway line.

I will party like never before on election night if his party fails to make 5%. I will even send him a letter expressing my utmost delight at the result.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Morals of an alley cat, hide of a rhinoceros. The Mogosseros.

Anonymous said...

Such criminal depravity is highlighted by Winnie's failure to pay back the $158K and trying to somehow give it away.


ZenTiger said...

Apart from the H. word, what is alarming is that there may be proof NZ is deliberately interfering in Fijian politics. I'd like to see more of this information. Wonder if any journalists in NZ could actually do their job?

Would Hager, expert in stolen emails, be able to mount a credible investigation into the Government thinking they are the CIA of the South Pacific? (I'm trademarking that line, BTW)

emmess said...


Clunking Fist said...

All the lovely dears and sirs at the local bowls club were singing his praises on National State Radio this morn.
"He's an honest pollitician" said one, obviously ga-ga.