Monday, June 30, 2008

The perils of politicisation

All is not well in Helengrad.
Indeed, its modus operandi is not workng.
The reasons for it is given in an editorial in the Dominion-Post today, as noted by The Hive.
A perception has grown up, rightly or wrongly, in recent years that the public service has left behind its tradition of political neutrality and become an operational arm of the Labour Party.
That has been encouraged by a national librarian lavishly praising her minister in public, a chief executive bowing to bullying from his minister over a departmental appointment and a former state services commissioner who learned a senior state servant didn't have the doctorate she claimed yet failed to frogmarch her from the building, presumably because of her political connections.
A sense has also grown of a service no longer willing to give ministers advice they do not want to hear and a chief executive pool that erroneously believes their boss is their minister, not the state services commissioner
Now, I will explain why Helengrad is not working, why government is producing so much awful and unworkable policy.
Liarbour has either stacked the bureacracy with too many of its own placemen and women, or people are all too terrified to give the independent advice government needs to avoid getting into trouble.
It's almost like "Oh yes! Dear Leader! Killing the first born is an excellent policy."
A more neutral civil service would warn her against it.
You reap what you sow. Liarbour only has itself to blame for so much bad policy and the effect on its poll ratings!
Hat tip: The Hive


Ex Labour said...

Yes, and the Granny Herald keeps banging on about Key and History (see today's editorial), man, I loathe this biased rag, and the editor is frankly a pain in the rear end, splashed red all over. Why are these editors and journos nothing but sheeple?

Ex Labour said...

By the way, bear with me, this is all a learning curve to me, blogging heaven! No Minister is my favourite, such great humour.

Anonymous said...

Serves the old bitch right, doesn't it?
Liarbore set out to politicise the civil service, turn the public service into little lapdogs.
But there are times Liarbore need saving from themselves and now the system cannot help Liarbore.
Beware of what you wish for, eh!


pdm said...

ex labour

The Herald is very neutral with some very good journalists when compared to the DomPost.

While the DomPost editorial today that FFM has referred to is excellent on the facing page Tracy Watkins attacks John Key and National for not releasing policy and not having any major plans for the first 100 days of office if they win.

She and her editor seem to have no comprehension that it is still probably over 4 months until the election and that it makes sense for National to `keep their powder dry' for now.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that one Bolger helped Minister Parker decide who would be the new chief of the Public Service. Interesting also that following the agreement it seems Bolger is to chair the Board of the State Railways Corporation.......Baxter


Welcome aboard ex Labour.
Good to see a happy ciustomer.
Invite your friends and enemeine too.
As for the Herald, I too agree with Pdm that the paper is prtty neutral.
But yes, today's editorial is a bit off.
And I am a bitworried about Audrey Young, see earlier post.
Fairfax is not as good, though Fairfax has many good journos too.
Obviously, Nicky Hagar is not one of them.


Of course, the issue is the public srvice.
And I believe that had officials hadthe courge to stand up to Liarbour, Liarbour would not have made the mistakes it has had with the EFA and other bills.
Thus, with everyone saying, ' you are so brilliant, minister' Liabour is pushing through measures that don't work nd are unpopular.
And as there's noon around to keep ministers in reality, that is why Liarbour has become so out of touch and on another planet.
Instead of having security driving her around, a few rideswith taxi drivers might bring Dear Leader back to Planet Earth.

Anonymous said...

check out the Dom Post (wanted (BY THE LIARBOUR GOVT) policy analysts OR policy advisers) fuck cannot the arsehole,fuckwit liarbour party think for them selves?no employ your own stupid voters,saves time and worry