Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mr Powerful!

Jordan Carter comes out with some classics.

A few weeks ago, he was saying that Cullen's budget had National MPs had induced panic into National MPs. And then National's polling reached the stratosphere.

Today, Jordan, bless him, accuses Gerry Brownlee of 'scaremongering' over the power crisis. A crisis that may have been averted thanks to rain this week, though have we had blackouts tonight?.

"I wonder if the media will point out that National's scare campaign, which was solely done on the basis of trying to score political points, was a complete red herring?
A power crisis by definition is one where cuts are in prospect. That has never been the case this year, and to try and frighten people - particularly old and vulnerable people - for partisan gain is little short of shameful. Unfortunately it is also little more than one has come to expect from the opposition."

So, let's get this straight. A simple woodwork teacher from Christchurch has frightened the government and the energy sector into a 'save it' power campaign. What a mighty powerful man Gerry Brownlee is? Just imagine what he might do with ministerial office. Gerry managed to throw his weight around and fool those industry bosses too, that have featured on this blog so many times about their fears of an energy crisis and how government has bungled energy policy.

Jordan seems to be in as much denial over the power crisis as Dear Leader is over the polls.

My, my, won't Roger Douglas have fun with Jordan come the election campaign! Seeing them debate together might prove quite amusing. Like a lamb to the slaughter!


scrubone said...

To be fair, it sound like Jordan is simply reading the Herald editorial from the other day.

Anonymous said...

"Jordan, how do you do, may I introduce to you "truth". What, oh, you haven't met before, not even in passing...?"

Anonymous said...

Jordan Carter is a member of the Labour party executive.

To put it really simply, he should be in jail, his assets should be confiscated and returned to the people, and he should certainly not be allowed to be a candidate for any kind of election.

Anonymous said...

$100 on Jordan ending up in tears in a debate with Douglas?

Clunking Fist said...

$1000 on Jordan not turning up.

Anonymous said...

ScrubOne, you mean Jordan Carter hasn't an original thought in his entire body?

I bet even those young Act and Campus boys will eat him him for breakfast!


PS Has Jordan visited his constituency lately?


A debate between the pair would be entertaining.
A candidate who has run NZ Ltd v a candidate who says he could not ever run his own busines because he doesn't believe in it.
National should sit back and leave them too it and hopefully Hunua voters will let Roger win the electorate vote.
But back to Gerry Brownlee. Where else can he unleash his terror and scaremongering within governent to get his own way?

Anonymous said...

"....and to try and frighten people - particularly old and vulnerable people.."
Oh you mean like sending fake eviction notices to old people saying the high-polling opposition are going to boot you out on to the street if they take the reigns of power?? Jordan you are a w..ker.