Saturday, June 28, 2008

More crap lands on Zim

As the sham continues in Zimbabawe, I am heartened to see that the multi billion dollar UN, that we all pay for, has taken such a positive stance. You have to admire them, sitting in leather chairs in the lap of luxery, having to make the tough calls.

The UN security council has failed to agree on declaring Zimbabwe's runoff election illegitimate today in the face of South African opposition.
Instead, it merely issued an oral statement of regret.

Personally I think their statement came out the other end


mawm said...

Oi! - Dubya is feeding half of Zimbabwe, not sitting around scratching his crotch like the UN.

Lou Taylor said...

You are right
Just read the fine print will find another photo

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Musta been a big elephant.

reid said...

I think the key words are:

" the face of South African opposition..."

Why, do you think, is Mbeki holding out?

The issue with the UN is that it's run as a bureaucracy instead of as a military force. This guarantees institutional paralysis. The veto power granted to the five permanent members gives them executive paralysis.

Some people blame the UN for not being the world's policeman. But what if it was? How would you feel about Ugandan troops knocking on your door because NZ had not kept up its end in some UN deal?

mawm said...

Reid - Tarboy is holding out so that the worlds attention is away from the bugger's muddle that he has/is creating.

Murder of farmers, land invasion, expropriation and stealing of the farmers movable assets are proceeding at a fine rate in SA.

His corrupt police chief is getting all out support from him.

He is dismantling the 'scorpions' police unit because it is uncovering corruption at the highest levels.

He is being challenged for his position by a thug and criminal - and even tho' he is not constitutionally allowed to run for another term, it seems as if he is moving in the direction of changing the constitution.

The violence and crime is out of control - not only the xenophobia.

So all in all it suits him to have the eyes of the western media on Mugabe.