Sunday, June 1, 2008

McCarten Throws In The Towel

Mat McCarten and Bill Roulston usually make good reading. Today, Ralston misses the point about the HNZ conference - the point being perception, not reality, counts while McCarten has a wee bleat about the Business Round Table.

Adolf laughed out loud as McCarten let down his guard and paraded his socialist mantra of envy with this gorgeous little gaffe:-

"The far-right fringe loonies who infest parts of the Business Roundtable and the Act party are true believers, but with money."

One's immediate reaction is to conclude that the far-left fringe loonies who infest parts of the Council of Trade Unions and the Labour party are true believers, but broken down stumble-bums.

McCarten then goes on in time honoured Leftist fashion:-

"Apparently, Douglas and Act have a new 20-point plan. Most of us are probably tempted to roll our eyes about this nuttiness. "

Can we expect from this Mouthpiece for the Mendicant a measured critique of the policies outlined in ACT's twenty point plan?

Of course not.

ACT can thank McCarten for persuading Adolf to actually sit down and read the plan. If McCarten and the other commies are agin it then it MUST be good.


Inventory2 said...

Did you catch this from McCarten?

"Now it seems Labour may be defeated this year"

If Matt McCarten, the Last Leftie Standing is saying that, Labour is dead and buried!!

reid said...

Ralston does raise again though the point that some of us have noticed since day one of the 5th Liarbore govt which is their extraordinary propensity to deflect blame. Recall how they blamed National for everything up to and beyond the point where it stopped working, then they started blaming the bureaucrats.

McCarten doesn't seem to understand US politics very well when he says: "The neo-conservative agenda promoted by the Roundtable..."

Doesn't he know the defining mark of a neo-con is to put Israel's interests above those of the country they are citizens of? If you don't do that you're not a neo-con. Economic policy doesn't feature.


You are right Adolf, Bill certainly misses the point about the conferences.
For me, the issue is hypocrisy.
After the Winz debacle in 1999, Dear Leader said she would be prudent with taxpayers money and there would be no more luxury conferences.
So when Housing New Zealand is exposed for having six such conferences, then naturally the opposition is bound to kick up a fuss.
After all that is what Liarbour did.
What is sauce for the goose is sauc for the gander especially when it exposes Liarbour's hypocrisy over the issue.

Clunking Fist said...

"The far-left fringe loonies who infest parts of the CTU and the Liarbore/Green parties are true believers, but with TAXPAYER money."

But not for long...

Anonymous said...


Doesn't he know the defining mark of a neo-con is to put Israel's interests above those of the country they are citizens of?

We don't need racist, anti-semitic comments here.

For me, the issue is hypocrisy.

Why? Who cares about hypocrisy if you're making the right decisions in government.

Electoral corruption followed by sabotage. That's worth making a fuss about!

Saying one thing and doing another: it's the definition of a competent politician: and I have high hopes of "Kiwi" Key being as competent as "Kiwi" Keith before him.

emmess said...

The term of abuse that the left used to use was neo-liberal. But maybe successful free-market economies with strong rates of economic growth are scary enough. So McCarten (soon to be followed by the rest of the far-left no doubt) has switched to neo-con meaning somebody who believes in military solutions to promote democracy. In ten years or so when that turns of to be sucessful they will switch to another term, maybe neo-fascist?

Anonymous said...

isn't hide looking well and truly 'rogered'..?


reid said...

Anonymous, what was racist or anti-semitic about voicing the truth that the neo-cons are Israel-firsters?

If you can't see that's the case then you're either dumb or blind, there's no third alternative. Regardless of your lack of perspicacity, there's nothing whatsoever racist or anti-semitic about calling them out for that. Newsflash: The neo-cons are acting against the interests of the people of Israel (as well as the people of the US).