Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Century of Top Ups?

One of the most popular carvings I sell are these clever never ending sculptures. We call them Lovers Knots but I am thinking of changing them to Top Ups as that seems to be the way of the future



Dave Mann writes:

"I have just seen that the people of new Zealand have just given $500,000,000 to the Maoris under the 'Treelords' settlement. We have, in other words, yet again paid a bunch of backward tribalists for the 'sin' of establishing an industry and a civilisation here and supplying them with schools, hospitals etc and a benefit for life if they can't be bothered getting off the couch.

I, like many New Zealanders, I suspect, am totally against this stupidity, but even if one were to support this wholesale bribery and farce, how many of the actual dollars will ever find their way to any of the Maoris that constitute these so-called 'Iwis'?

When will this utter madness end? $500 MILLION dollars. F i v e - h u n d r e d - m i l l i o n - d o l l a r s.

Does anybody hear a voice of dissent about this wholesale plundering of our economy from any political party?"


Well Dave, I see your point but if injustices took place then compensation seems fair.
I accept colonists brought the benefits of civilisation, including a welfare state, that sadly appears to have enslaved many maori.
I think Cullen deserves some praise in coming up with a deal. Liarbour had been quite tardy having delivered nothing substantial on the process until now.
The only other big settlements accrued from National in the 1990s.
My view is that the settlment process should be concluded as quickly as possible.
It is an unnecessary diversion and the payout should help Maori stand on their own two feet.
The will have less of an excuse for failure. Indeed, as I have said before, people don't fail because they are Maori, they fail because they are lazy, untalented, etc.
Lets get the settlements made, lets see an end to white guilt because we have nothing to be guilty for, and when Maori bleat about being poor, etc, they can look to their own resources, because by then, they will have them.
Of course, the Maori I know that have succeeded the most have looked to their own efforts as individuals, raher than wait for some taxpayer funded payout.

Anyway, I am open to other views.

Dave Mann said...

fairfacts, I agree with you that welfarism has enslaved many Maoris (I am writing in the english language, so I'll use the plural form of the noun, with an 's').... but surely you are taking the piss with your claim that any of this will encourage maoris to stand on their own two feet?

You are joking aren't you? Please tell me you are having me on. Please tell me you don't really think that bribing a bunch of corrupt no-hopers by throwing half a million dollars at them will 'encourage them' to do anything except come back for more.

I can't believe that you really think that this outrageous farce is in any way justified by any so-called historical 'injustices'.

One thing i do believe, however, is that under a National Government we can only really expect more of the same. It was these dim fuckwits who (as you tangentially point out) were mainly responsible for this treaty gravytrain industry in the first place.

Look for John Key in his feather cloak handing our over country lock stock and barrel to more of these lazy wasters when he gets his hands on our money. Wonderful.

Dave Mann said...

Sorry - last pargraph should have said 'handing over our country lock stock and barrel'.


I would hope that when the process is over, government will have the balls to say 'No more, you've had your fiscal envelope, now go away.'
The talk of 'top ups' is worrying.
I have no problem with the concept of 'full fair and final settlement' but that is what they need to be.
It is time the country moved on from Treaty Deals so let's get them settled and out of the way.
Then the rest of New Zealand can say, 'we have done such and such to help you, if you fail it is your fault.'
I also see a resolution of the Treaty Claims progress towards tackling the unnecessary racist maori seats too, which even Pita Sharples says will go one day.

Lou Taylor said...

I think you are being a bit naive thinking that a full and final settlement will ever be achieved. There will always be vested interests keeping the gravy train full steam ahead in one way or another. It's called human nature.
Its a shame because for normal people, having this "guilt" imposed on them, is not a healthy state of mind and will always be a handbrake to this country.


Maybe I am naive Lou.
I hope not.
Anyway, it might be good to revise your post so people know it's about the treelord deal.

I too want to see the grievance gavy train derailed and while it does look like throwing money at a problem nd hoping it goes away, I would hope that having spent billions on the process, or whaveter he figure turns out to be (wasn't it $1bn in the original envelope) government will havethe courage to say 'no, we've paid up now, let's move on.'

Dave Mann said...

Well said, Lou.

Actually, I and my team are as we speak putting together a counter claim against the Maoris which costs out the establishment of a fully functioning 21st century nation-state and the benefits that these people have accrued from it.

We are presently having a little bit of difficulty with our computer model which is attempting to weight the relative monetary values of the kingston Flyer vis-a-vis the Maori All Blacks. Somewhere in the mix the software has muddied the calculations by introducing the porcelain WC and this has temporarily thrown out our calculations - but we are confident that, given a spirit of goodwill and a dedication to harmony, we will have an answer for the Waitangi Tribunal some time in 2029.

At this stage we are ready to publish an indicative memorandum of claim and present estimates are in the region of $782,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.48. This figure has not been inflation adjusted yet so we can expect our final claim to be in excess of this. The 48 cents might be a little tricky to finalise. This was for a set of bone buttons that our people say was stolen from a settler's farmhouse, but the Maoris say were given to a chief as a gift. We'll keep you posted on this one.

We have recieved some comments on our web site to the effect that this is all a bit too much. But to those racists and troublemakers I say that this is a deadly serious matter and needs to be settled so that our ancestors can rest and the spirit of the land can once again return to a state of harmony.

info said...
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Luke H said...

Dave: Maoris (I am writing in the english language, so I'll use the plural form of the noun, with an 's')

Are you also going to use "sheeps"?



It seems I'm the pinko wet liberal today?


Outrage over $500M for our own indigenous people, $2Bn in Pacific aid.
It sets the debate into context and shows that regardless of the rights and wrongs of this Treelords deal, Liarbour is doing its best to ensure there will be no money leftover for when National take over.

Falafulu Fisi said...

Lou Taylor said...
never ending sculptures...

Lou, your never ending sculptures belong to a type of mathematical curve/strip called Mobius Curve.

So, the Waitangi treaty settlement claim is therefore a mobius phenomena?

WAKE UP said...

Falafulu Fisi asks: "So, the Waitangi treaty settlement claim is therefore a mobius phenomena? "

Yep, it's never-ending.