Friday, June 27, 2008

The Liarbour Minister of Heath

Who need lies, corruption, dodgy deals, meddling ministers and a Golden Boy in trouble when you can whip up a scandal over the opposition leader echoing the Finance and Treaty Negotiations Minister over points of New Zealand history.
Once more the media missed Baygate.
And amid its complications, we had a delicious turn of phrase from David Cunliffe.
I mean what is a 'factual misunderstanding?
I guess Liarbour have to keep inventing new words for the many lies they make.
Next, Dear Leader will have "mis-spoken" just like Hillary Clinton.
Anyway, there is a story here.
Not just the corruption, but the 'factual misunderstandings' of a minister who now looks like he won't go all the way to the top after all!
The Hive also thinks David Cunliffe could well be history!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I don't think so. He would have got all his ducks in a row beforehand and that's all these documents really show. Unfortunately.

Except maybe the bit from Crown Law.

Inventory2 said...

Adolf - I have a different take on it - check out my post that FFM has kindly linked to, and you will see that I believe that Cunliffe has been set up to "take one for the team".