Friday, June 27, 2008

Liarbour certainly know how to spend your money

Defence agencies' monitoring systems are so poor the Auditor-General cannot say whether cost blowouts in major defence projects are justified or not.
The Audit Office embarked on an investigation into defence agencies' monitoring and reporting last year in regard to 10 major defence purchases, most of which have been subject to delays and cost increases.
But in an interim report, released today, Auditor-General Kevin Brady said the ministry's reporting systems were so poor his office had been forced to abandon the audit.

Typical Liarbour, eh! It just confirms what Gooner said the other day about Liarbour.
They just think a problem can be solved by throwing money at a problem without a care as to how wisely it is spent.
It was only yesterday we heard about the bureaucratic Tertiary Education Commission gorging on waste.
Ask yourself, who spends money wisest? You or this Liarbour government?

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