Sunday, June 22, 2008

Liarbour attacks the young!

Having screwed Maori for decades, which is now seeing Maori turn to the National Party, Liarbour has another demographic in mind, for sure!
Gordon Campbell over at Scoop highlights a raft of 'punitive' and recent/pending Liarbour policies which will affect the young the most.
Campbell even accuses Liarbour of having a 'fear of the young.'
And considering there may well be 190,000 new and first-time voter this election, targeting the youth vote with such measures, may not be wise.
The policies are:
1- Compulsory third party insurance will be impact greatest on new/ young drivers.
2- The party pill ban.
3- Crackdowns on tagging.
4- Forcing kids to stay in education until 18, which some won't want.
5- Liarbour MPs like Martin Gallagher trying to raise the drinking age.
Anyway, Gordon Campbell says after such attacks from Liarbour, the youth vote is now open to National and ACT. I hope the Young Nats and Act on Campus, as well as off it, are onto it!
Hat tip: Home Paddock.


peteremcc said...
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peteremcc said...

Don't worry, we're on it!


Just my opinion said...

Good boys. Keep up the great work AOC!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Come off it mate!! We must be the only civilized country without compulsory third party cover.


I grew up in the UK where 3rd party insurance is the way, so I have no issue with it.
Indeed, I see it as sensible.
There could be other policies there that might make sense too.
However, what struck me was the way Gordon Campbell pieced together various policies which can be seen as 'anti-youth'.
Polls tend to show Liarbour has more support among 'youth' as opposed to other groups.
Yet we see here measures that impact negatively against them.
And isn't Scoop a left-leaning website, which makes the criticism of Liarbour all the more delicious.

Psycho Milt said...

I agree with Campbell re the party pill ban, and raising the drinking and school-leaving ages. But tagging? How the hell is a crackdown on tagging an attack on youth? Did Gordon do any tagging when he was a youth? Did any of us? How many yoofs are we actually talking about here? A tiny, stupid, criminal, shithead fraction of the total, basically.

Same for third-party insurance. Saw some yoof bleating on 3 News about how his mate wouldn't be able to drive if we had compulsory third-party insurance - no companies would want to touch him because of his previous driving convictions. Awwwwwww. That's such a fucking shame.

Anonymous said...

Considering how house prices have risen over its terms of office, Liabore has attacked those a little older too.
The older people have been getting richer at the expense of the young.
The old have sat back as their main asset has risen in prices.
yet geenrations x and y see temseleves falling ever further behind.
yet, many of the silly buggers still vote Liarbore and Green even when such policies work against them.
And they can be bought off by irresponsible policies like interest free student loans.
The Sunday Star-Times looked at the issue yesterday with its feature on generation why bother.
these groups are alientated by politics because it is they geting shafted most by the politicians.
Yet, what do they do?
Rather than holding Liarbore to account, they sit back and do nothing or even vote for more punishment.
How stupid are the young!
Like that old saying:
If you are not a socialist at 20, you have no heart.
But if you remain a socialist at 30, you have no brain.