Sunday, June 1, 2008

Liarbour and Dear Leader: Down she goes!!!!

Double trouble for Dear Leader and Liarbour in two polls tonight.
As predicted the budget went down like a lead ballooon.
The taxcuts Liarbour delivered were too little too late.
Cullen has once more delivered a vote-winning budget- for National!!
TV1 has Liarbour down six and dropping below 30% at 29%.
National remains well in front at 55%- 26% in front!!!
The Greens are on 7% and NZ First a gainer on 4.4%.
The poll says National will have 70 seats, Liarbour 38, the Greens 8, Maori 4 and ACT2. Its goodbye NZ First despite growing support.
Key is well ahead as preferred PM on 36% , Clark on 28% and Winnie on 6%.
TV3 , meanwhile, has National on 50% and Liarbour on 35%, still 15% ahead and a vast improvement on their rogue poll of April which had Liarbour just 10% behind.
Key is preferred PM at 35% to 29%.
With TV1 reflecting the Fairfax Poll and TV3 reflecting the Herald Poll, and the budget making matters worse, the polls spell double trouble for Dear Leader.
Taking them all together Liarbour must be 20% or more behind and heading for one almighty kicking.
Dear Leader has no authority to govern on this poll.
But for her own interest she will hang on as long as possible.
But are they knives I hear being sharpened in the background.
What are Cunliffe and Goff doing tonight?


ISeeRed said...

This warms my heart, but my brain keeps whishering darkly that Labour may yet pull something out of its bag of tricks.

ISeeRed said...

Make that, "whispering". When will Blogger get a spellcheck?

Barnsley Bill said...

Use firefox it has a built in spulchock

WAKE UP said...

I repeat - Labour will dump Clark before the election in a futile re-run of the Mike Moore debacle.

WAKE UP said...

PS - actually, in the circumstances, Iseered's "whishering" (darkly) seems more apt than "whispering"!:)

Anonymous said...

Labour will dump Clark before the election in a futile re-run of the Mike Moore debacle.

heh heh. You're forgetting Palmer. The Labour Left would just love to hand the poison on to Goff, and then on to Cuniliffe, taking out two serious Right contenders before the election.

As it is: this is all moot. No-one currently in parliament for Labour will ever be PM;
some of them might stick around long enough to play junior partner in a Green+Maori leader government in 2020.

Really, though, National will hopefully learn from it's last mistakes and take out Labour once and for all!

Anonymous said...

I see Red, are you saying Ian Wishart might uncover scandal from your whishering comment?

The thought of Dear Leader going down got me going. Picture her going down on John Key.




Perish the thought. I cannot see Dear Leader doing anything like that. Ever!