Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just a thought....

I note with interest that the Yahoo Xtra site is running a "news poll" with the question being:
"Should other countries intervene in Zimbabwe?"

The responses, as at 20:45 are, yes - 8789 or 88%, no - 943 or 9%, and not sure - 281 or 3%.

As this is a fairly non political poll, and as such is probably free from the bulk voting of labour supporters, this probably reflects the atitudes of the readership. However I can't help but wonder if the "yes to no" ratio would be so large if the question was something like:
"Do you think NZ troops should be part of any intervention force sent to Zimbawe to overthrow Mugabe?"


reid said...

Have you read this article from Mandela?

Yes the world should intervene in this, should have long ago, by force if necessary.

As in Myanmar.

As in North Korea.

As in China in Mao's day.

As in Russia in Stalin's day.

Grant said...

Thanks for the link Dave, very interesting, especially the silence of Mbeki. He will be watching the world's response to Mugabe's antics with great interest.

WAKE UP said...

Boy, my hypocrisy radar is beeping.

Several of our own most anti-Iraq politicians have just delivered pro-Zimbabwe invasion speeches in Parliament, and as for reid's list: "...Myanmar... North Korea... China in Mao's day... Russia in Stalin's day."

Anywhere but Iraq, eh chaps? What's the difference between Iraq under Sadaam and Zimbabwe under Mugabe?

Ed Snack said...

I would suppose that anyone who opposed the intervention in Iraq could not then support intervening in Zimbabwe. Mugabe for all his faults is not in the same league as Saddam when it comes to killing his own people.

Then again, as Zimbabwe doesn't have oil, the Chinese may eventually agree to some form of words from the UN that might allow action to be taken.