Friday, June 27, 2008

Is The Flake A Fake?

It's beginning to looks as though the first Arab-American presidential hopeful might turn out to be yet another in the proud tradition of Democrat fakes. Is The Chocolate Flake with the fake presidential seal really an alien all along?

When Daily Kos published a copy of Obama's birth certificate to shut down debate over his eligibility to run for presidential office, I had my doubts. The most obvious sign was the fact that the serial number was blanked out. The second sing was the wording. His race was classified as 'African' but as far as Adolf can recall, back when Obama is alleged to have been born, blacks were referrd to as 'negro.' The term 'African' is a product of the politically correct modern day.

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Psycho Milt said...

Adolf: you may recall that when FFM peddled this "Arab-American" line, he was asked for evidence of it and found one right-wing loony blogger.

Also worthy of note: entirely plausible that Obama's birth certificate would have "African" on it because his Dad's from Africa.

Also worthy of note: why would you imagine a birth certificate posted on a public blog isn't a fake?

I expect McCain's birth certificate will reveal he's actually a North Korean sleeper. The fact he's concealing it is incredibly suspicious.


Eithere way, if the Standard believes Key cannot be PM ovr what he said about NZ history, it follows Cullen cannot be finance and Treaty Negotiations
It also follows we cannot have a POTUS who claims to have visited 56US states and believes Jerusalem is the capital of Israel!

scrubone said...

It's not a birth certificate. It's a certificate of live birth, quite different. It's produced from computer records. LGF covered this a few weeks ago.

It's also quite conceivable, even probable that someone went though the database and changed all the "negro" references.