Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm voting Labour because.....

This blog always gives Liarbour a tough time, so in the interests of balance we are going to give you dozens of reasons why people should vote Liarbour.
Obviously it is inspired by Democratic supporters offering this hilarious and satirical pisstake showing people explaining why they are voting Republican.
Over at Kiwiblog, hidden in the comments, Southern Raider presented this long list of reasons to vote Liarbour.
Now, Southern, if you ever want to become a regular blogger, we might well find room for you at No Minister!
Hat tip: Southern Raider over at Kiwiblog.


Barnsley Bill said...

Roger. Mellie said...

Hello, good evening and bollocks.
I am actively seeking fellow authors for my blog that the misogynist hate monger Barnsley Bill has kindly linked to above.
Groveling requests to share in my glory can be emailed to the address on my profile.