Thursday, June 5, 2008

I wonder how well David Cunliffe is sleeping at the moment

Auditor General Kevin Brady has revealed the terms of reference into the corruption scandal at the Mnistry of Immigration, following the activities of ex-boss Mary Anne Thompson.
And the role of cabinet ministers and how they handles the various allegations will also be covered, reported Radio New Zealand last night.
National's Murray McCully is reported happy as the wide terms of reference might look at wider concerns over the politicisation of the public service by Liarbour.
And, of course, I believe, it might bag a few ministers.
As Audrey Young at the NZ Herald recently commented.
"Brady must be free to explore what the former ministers knew and when about the malfunctioning Pacific division and Thompson, not just from Cosgrove and Cunliffe but from Paul Swain as well, who is thought to have had major concerns."
Indeed, while speculating about Cunliffe's prospects in any future leadership bid, The Hive at the weekend reported the following:
There is also a bit of a grwoing smell around Cunliffe. We don't yet know how much he knew about the immigration service mess, and there are many unanswered questions around the Hawkes Bay DHB. The current Government has been playing every trick in the book to supress the full story but should we have change expect to be reading many articles on the subject. These factors again work against Cunners.
I am sure the government will be using every trick to save the skins of its ministers and downplay any wrongdoing, unless Dear Leader plans some Machiavellian hanging out to dry of the ambitious Cunliffe, just as she did of Maryann Street last week.
How worried this week, are the various immigration ministers, both current and former?
UPDATE: The Dom-Post's Tracey Watkins offers more.


Inventory2 said...

Don't forget that David "Boy Wonder" Cunliffe has a date in the High Court at Napir in August when the former Hawkes Bay BHB members will seek a Judicial Review of Cunliffe's decision to sack them. No doubt BW's motives will be questioned, and the names that sparked the saga known as Baygate, names such as Clarke, Hausmann, Lind and Annette King will be back in the public consciousness.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it will nail the lot of them.

The only pity is this does not (yet) have pleinpotentiary powers of contempt of parliament to compel testimony, judicial powers to imprison, and to dissolve organisations found corrupt.

and, of course, in a democracy, ministers investigated for corruptionresign when indicted

whereas they'll just try to keep the report under wraps until after the election

Anonymous said...

Like the rest , Cuntliffe will sleep soundly in his bed.
He has no shame or conscience, like the rest of the maggotty socialists.