Sunday, June 29, 2008

How Easy It Is To Go Straight

What appears to be a stock standard piece of gutter journalism turns out to have a more sinister twist to it.

The SST trumpets the past criminal history of a man who is setting up a business to distribute an imported energy drink. This is an admirable endeavour for a person with a record of paedophilia and theft. He's not in contact with kids and if anyone steals anything it will be his clients stealing his stock. Pretty good so far?

Not until you look at the fellow from the Food Safety Authority. My eyebrows shot up when I read this little gem of socialist busy body interference:-

' "It's all good, it's all go with the Food Safety Authority," he said.

But an authority spokesman last night said Percy was mistaken.

"I don't know who he is talking about. "We are investigating him and things aren't all go," authority communications manager Gary Bowering said." '

Hang on a minute! Who authorised this jumped up jerk to investigate the importer or his past? Since when has the FSA been able to investigate people? That's the job of the police.

The product is either safe or it is not safe.

Show me the legislation which entitles you to investigate this fellow or stick to your job, jerk!


KG said...

Adolf, everything is the business of these nannying statists.
The sentence I use most often when talking to people nowadays is--what part of mind your own effing business do you not understand?

Anonymous said...

This individual IS guilty as far as the socialist state is concerned. Guilty of seeking to turn a profit.


Don't thes people believe in rehabilitation?
I thought starting your own business would be a fine way to stay out of trouble.