Sunday, June 15, 2008

Honeymoon over for Rudd the Dudd as support grows for Costello comeback

It's not just that Kevin Rudd is suffering disontent over rising food and fuel prices or even a breached promise over a major Queensland motorway project.
But the blonde haired TinTin that took the keys to Kirribilli House off John Howard less than 7 months ago is increasingly under fire for spin , lies, and poor political management.
It is also backtracking on promises like a PC for every secondary schoolkid or on whaling; throwing $70million at rich Japanese corporates, facing troubles over plans to monitor food and fuel prices and raising thetax on alcopops, which also hits the Bundy and Coke drinking blokes.
Rudd also upset New Zealand over proposing an Asian Economic Community without consulting New Zealand.
Now, there is a growing belief , even by some in Labor, that Kevni may just be a one-term Prime Minister.
Columnist Laurie Oakes even likens the blundering Rudd to British 'Mr Bean" PM Gordon Brown.
But it is not just the media nhappy with Rudd, so are the left, claiming hypocrisy from 'radioactive Rudd' and
also wondering whether the Rudd 'honeymoon is over.'
Indeed, with the once shattered opposition now scoring hits against KRudd, there is talk that former Treasurer Peter Costello may stay in politics, rather than leave for corporate life as planned, and may even become Liberal Leader once more. His economic skills are desperately needed and Rudd's failings could mean they will be needed to govern Australia in a few years after all!


Ackers said...

It's bullshit actually FFM. The Herald Nielson poll on which this is based has Labor's 2PP vote pretry much the same as last time.

"Labor would still trounce the Coalition by 56 per cent to 44 per cent if an election were held today."

This confirms the last Morgan poll which had Labor ahead 58.5 - 41.5

This after a week when the news was dominated by the Della Bosca Belinda Neal affair and unremitting negative press for Labor.

One of the problems with the media here is that the same clique of out of touch conservative commentators stll dominate. Milne, Akerman, Sheehan, Devine, Bolt, Shanahan, Sheridan etc.

They got the last election completely wrong and are still stuck in some alternative universe where they imagine they are setting the agenda. This comes into sharp relief every Newspoll when the News Ltd commenatators make idiots of themselves misinterpreting their own polling data and coming up with the sort of spin you seem to be reading and believing. They simply can't divorce their personal agendas from the facts in front of them.

Anonymous said...

No-one is doubting Rudd is still leading strongly in the polls ackers, at least for now.
But it seems interesting that suddenly the media are giving Rudd bad headlines after so much support.
And Fairfacts was also using commentary from the Left as well.
The issue is how much of Rudd's political management stems from a core set of beliefs and values and him simply living by the polls to try and remain popular.
That did and related endless spin it for UK Liarbore in the end, leaving Gordon Brown dog tucker.



Erm, PDQ has said it for me.
But even the left is unhappy with Rudd.


Erm, PDQ has said it for me.
But even the left is unhappy with Rudd.

Ackers said...

The honeymoon sure as hell aint over yet FFM.

Today's Newsppll has some suprises for all of us even those of us that haven't brought into the media narrative of the last couple of weeks.,25197,23876180-601,00.html

Who would have thought.....59 - 41