Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ho Ho Ho And Off To Court We Go

The Hive has spotted some embarrassing history which it seems was overlooked by the SST and it's demented correspondent Nicky Hagar.

Bugger it, there go all those royalties from my stolen e-mails.

Here's the punch line from the groveling apology issued by the rabid leftist website Crikey:-

"We sincerely apologise to Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor for the hurt and damage caused to them by our reports. We acknowledge that had we reported fairly, the compensation we have paid to them would not have been necessary."

Now, let's go and drool over Hagar's Greatest Hits - the ones where he fires all his bullets though his own feet. Could this possiby be the biggest own goal ever for Labor? And one that's been scored by a spectator rather than a player.

"minister has been overseen and directed by the same professional manipulators used (and also kept secret) by his predecessor, Don Brash. They are the Australian political tacticians, Crosby/Textor. "

Hagar will have to provide some evidence for this description and I think he will struggle.

They managed the 2001 election campaign where Howard claimed, incorrectly, that refugees on the ship Tampa had thrown their babies overboard to blackmail their way into Australia, followed by full-page ads saying "We will decide who comes into this country."

There is a clear implication by Hagar that the consultants were responsible for Howard's statement. Hagar will struggle to prove that. My recollection of the episode was that even after exhaustive and public enquiry there was nothing to show that Howard had not acted on what he thought was accurate advice from the Navy - albeit LATER shown to be inaccurate.

The article in its entirety is clearly malicious and if parts of it are untrue then Hagar is dog tucker and is swimming in deep defamation waters.

In reality it is nothing but a very shoddy beat up. (Just like his hollow book which has been vastly outsold by Wishart's Aboslute Power.)

Politicians use media consultants. Really? Is that all? Somebody should tell Trevor Mallard.

National's crime is to use consultants who are better at their jobs than are those used by Labour.

Because they are good at their jobs they will wait until the election is over and then skin Hagar alive.

I can't wait.




I was to update my earlier post, but you have said it better than I.
And what fun they were having over at the Standard?
Crosby and Textor might want to look at the wording of that post too.
But silly SST for employing Hagar.
Not only may he cost themreaders but maybe a lasuit too!

PM of NZ said...

As is customary to say,

'Nice one, Trev'.

Psycho Milt said...

You think the SST decided there was no need to get their lawyers to look over a story by Hager, Adolf? Really?