Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Helen's had her day"

It's not me saying that but one of the people interviewed by Tracy Watkins of the Dominion-Post.
John Boy was talking to Grey Power in the Hutt Valley and unlike when Winnie talks, the old dears managed to stay awake.
"Key preaches to the converted",was the headline, but the kicker comes in the opening line, contradicting what Dear Leader was claiming the other day:
"In heartland Labour, all is clearly not well."
The people are 'disillusioned', they are unhappy about a lack of referedum on election day over smacking.
Even the lightbulb ban is upsetting people, as it smacks of nanny state.
Nanny state", "big brother" - they are increasingly the refrain from Labour's heartland.
The only thing John Boy need worry about, judging by this audience, is being too much 'me-too' and Liarbour-lite!
PS And consumer confidence at it's lowest since 1991 won't help Dear Leader either!
UPDATE: The Hive notes Chris Trotter says she's a goner too!


Anonymous said...

Time to put the old dear out to grass.
And old ewe that has lost all her teeth.
What use is she now?

reid said...

Helen is a shocker isn't she?

Have a look at this Hive post that transcribes the letter from senior business council and industry leaders, to the Select Committee considering the ETS.

Note the parts about going far beyond where others have gone. NZ? - little ole NZ?

According to the letter the ETS would have deep negative economic ramifications for decades.

I readily admit my evidence is tenuous, but I believe Helen was calculating her way toward a plum UN position based on her cred in selling AGW to the NZ public.

Helen is a control freak and she would have had her minions mitt's all over this.

That's why the ETS is like it is.

Which just goes to show that Helen is prepared to sacrifice our economic prosperity for her vainglory.

She has done one good thing: China FTA. That's it.

See ya.

-leadership and Does anyone believe Helen did not have a heady hand in this?