Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy first Birthday No Minister!

Born from the ashes of Sir Humphreys, the No Minister blog started a year ago today.
I didn't realise it was today until now, otherwise I would have posted earlier today.
June 30 2007 marked the first trial followed by a couple of posts from Adolf .
PM started posting on July 3 , with Gooner re-joining a few day after that.
I joined late in July 2007 and this year we have our new recruits Lou and Grant.
Now, with No Minister going from strength to strength, earning a top ten ranking in the 'official' Tumeke! chart, we will continue our task in opposing Dear Leader.
And we are helped in this by PM who does not always agree with us, so he keeps us on our toes and shares his own views too.
Over the past year, there have been more than 1800 postings (drafts don't count and need deleting team) and at the current rate of ten or so a day we should make 2000 in a couple of weeks.
I think this anniversary is worthy of a toast. But bugger! I have no Lindauer! Sauv Blanc will have to do!
So thanks to the rest of our team and our loyal readers!
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PS The official Tumeke! chart is a week or so away.
But there is a new No Minister set of charts out tomorrow.
Find out who is in our top tens early tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations No Minister.

Great blog.


Anonymous said...

One of the best, no bullshit, blogs around, more please, and dont spare the ammo on the socialist suckholes!

homepaddock said...

Many happies & may you continue to enliven the blogosphere with many more provocative & entertaining posts.

Anonymous said...

Congrats and well done.I've been lurking about since the Sir Humphries days (what ever happened to AL and Chefen btw??).

Look foward to much more socialist-smacking goodness!!


Clunking Fist said...


You guys have been my first read for some time now. I think having a team of authors could be the key to your success. Keep it up!