Monday, June 30, 2008

Hagar the Horrible still playing it dirty

Is Hagar the Horrible still receiving stolen property?
Has that man no shame?
In a interesting update, NZPA last night reported National MPs fear it internal systems remain compromised and Nicky Hagar may still have access to their emails.
Mr Key's Chief of Staff Wayne Eagleson told NZPA that he did not know if Hager still had access to National Party correspondence.
"We have expressed concern to Parliamentary Service on a number of occasions about the security of the parliamentary email system," Mr Eagleson said.
"Since then (the release of Don Brash's emails) a number of initiatives have been taken both by Parliamentary Service and by ourselves to try and improve the situation."
Asked if he believed Hager still had access to National Party diary information Mr Eagleson said "I don't know".
Mr Eagleson said he didn't want to get into specifics of his concerns or whether the details of the story confirmed leaks were continuing or if the party's security was compromised.
"We are doing all we can, but if you are asking me whether it is foolproof, well there are no 100 percent guarantees."
Well, I'm tired of the nudge,nudge wink wink from Hagar, Liarbour and Winnie about some so-called 'neutron bomb' concerning John Key's election. As they always say in the media, 'publish and be damned.'
Or isn't there anything worth publishing. Let's face it, the Star-Times revelation yesterday was one helluva damp squib!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Was that the neutron bomb?

Psycho Milt said...

Perhaps you could point us to some actual evidence of Labour having mentioned this supposed "neutron bomb?"

NB: the cops investigated the last leak from the National sieve and seem to have concluded it was an inside job. Same insiders still there = no surprise there's another leak.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Good try Milt. It would be an appalling indictment on the National Party if Hagar had been able to discover they were NOT employing the very best, most competent consultants available. No doubt the ALP would have defeated John Howard one election earlier if they had better managed their leader of the day. Do you remember him? The bloke who lost the election with one momentary outburst in Tasmania, I think it was. Can't even remember the fool's name.


Tumeke refrs to the neutron bomb today.

Labour have claimed they have a ‘neutron bomb’ up their sleeve which is the identity of the leaker to Hagar, apparently Clark knows who it is, Culllen and Peters knows who it is, I wonder who could have leaked the files from within National so much so that their identity being revealed would be a ‘neutron bomb’….

Thing is, even if it was Bill English or even John Key himself, would people be that bothered?

If Dear Leader knows, why doen't she say so, name the villian.
No doubt she's waiting for the campaign, but will people be that bothered.
I doubt it.
There's a whole host vof other things for the voters to think about and that explains why Liarbour is more than 20% behind in the polls.
I wonder when TV3 will have their next poll? And won't Roy Morgan have another due this Friday?

adamsmith1922 said...

I do not understand why after the last time National should carry on committing confidential material to email. At least one would expect them to move to encrypted email such that if a leak occurred it could be narrowed down to who had the code for the mail in question

Psycho Milt said...

Call me old-fashioned, but I don't consider a mention on Tumeke as actual evidence of Labour having mentioned this supposed "neutron bomb". Where exactly have Labour claimed to have this damaging information? Anywhere other than in bloggers' gossip?


Fran O'Sullivan refers to it here 3 months ago.

Anonymous said...

Why does the Sunday Star Times not show a sense of balance and give the same space and time to Wishart's Absolute Power? This just says it all to me, and instead of listening to his message, the Left prefer to shoot the messenger. So much for fairness, huh. Its so funny to see the main stream media panic at the thought of a National government. What sheep.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the game Hagar and the left keep playing over secret emails , etc, all somewhate tiresome and tedious.
Isn't it all turning out to be quite a bore, from Liarbore?
They are only jelous that they don't employ Crosby Textor.
Oh well, I am sure they can find someone else to muckrake for them, not that I'm accusing the Australians of muckraking for National.
But Dear Leader and Liarbore certainly played dirty themselves.
They are capable of doing and have done the very same things they accuse Crossby Textor of doing.


Anonymous said...

Dont worry about hagar .worry about the long haired( REALLY RICH) sandal wearing Craig Potton his mentor , this (REALLY RICH ) (opps organic water drinker) who takes chocolite box pictures of NZ from his carbon producing HELICOPTER, THIS rich greenie dosnt like national but isnt worker friendly (i know)

ZenTiger said...

Hager is in fine form launching his own campaign to smear National for evils not yet committed.

Indeed, his article does to National what he accuses Crosby/Textor in doing.

But that's not the only thing that occurred to me: Labour are Naturals