Friday, June 27, 2008


Yes folks

The toughest times in 20 years are here NOW.

I started business in 1990 and in 18 years have never seen conditions like these stacking up in a row.

It's a bloody shame the Labour government has pissed our wealth up against the wall for 9 years because we sure could do with it now.

Maybe some ex Labour MP's will learn the true cost of money next year after years of signing cheques with "meaningless" 000,000,000's added on the end.

For the rest of us. Maybe shares in parachute companies?????


Anonymous said...

Lou, I'd venture to say the toughest times since the 1930's depression and it could go on for years.


Lou Taylor said...

yes Gooner I have seen and heard stuff this week which makes me agree whole heartedly with you. The slogon now is "cash is king"