Thursday, June 26, 2008

Failed priorities confirmed as Liarbour blunder backfires too!

John Key is roasted over what is touted as an almighty gaffe over New Zealand history.
But now Liarbour has delivered recession in election year, the left no longer want to talk about the economy.
Instead, they reaffirm their Key Derangement Sydrome by attacking Key for what Michael Cullen has said himself!
About something that happened, or didn't happen, over 100 years ago. Priorities! Priorities!
It just confirms Liabour's inability to empathise with householders over the pain we face thanks to Liarbour's failed economic policies, especially when it seems recession will be confirmed tomorrow! The row just confirms what truly interests the left, and it ain't the voters!


Inventory2 said...

But FFM - it's not the same; it can't be, cos The Standard said so!!zjtvtvzm

Psycho Milt said...

The Standard didn't say so - it published both quotes and invited readers to note the significant difference. Said difference being that Key's one was ignorant and stupid, and Cullen's wasn't. Don't like it? Too bad.