Friday, June 27, 2008

Failed history lecturer needs to revise his history too

I wasn't going to bother much more with this, but since the left and some of the media are still wetting themselves over it, here are a few points about Key's so called gaffe.
1- Michael Cullen said as much a few years back.
2- Michael Cullen, as a former history lecturer, should have a better grasp of NZ history too. But maybe that is why he said what he said in 2005.
3- Michael Cullen is Treaty negotiations minister so should't he also be accounted for his views on history? Where is Pita Sharples now?
4- The governor general also echoed Keys comments on history.
5- Other historians, as the Herald notes, also back Key's account.
6- And we have Cullen attacking Key, forgetting what he said a few years back, until a reminder forced his silene.
Hip, hip, hipocracy!



As noted earier, if the left say Key cannot be PM because of hi comments on NZ history, it follows we cannot have a POTUS who claims to have visited 56 US states and says Jerusalem is the capital of Israel!

WAKE UP said...

Anyone, from politicians to ... umm ...proletariat, who wants the real oil on NZ history (particularly re matters Maori and Treaty) should read the works of Paul Moon.

Now go and do that, there'll be an exam in November.

emmess said...

You think that's bad.
What about Labour following the failed ideology of socialism? You would of thought history would have judged that rather badly.