Monday, June 30, 2008

Evil or Just Plain Incompetent?

"Looking back to when New Zealand signed up to the Kyoto Protocol, it would be reasonable to assume that the government would have wanted to protect the critical agricultural industry from the cost of carbon pricing. Instead our government did the opposite and included agricultural emissions in its Kyoto obligations making New Zealand the only country in the world to have agricultural emissions included as a part of its Kyoto Protocol commitments."
Muriel Newman.

I am amazed that as the emissions trading bills wends its way through parliament that little or nothing has been noted of this fact. I could be wrong, but I don't recall anything from the Hive or Fran O'Sullivan, who have done sterling work in covering the legislation.
But, yes, it's one of those gobsmacking moments when you sit back and think that the New Zealand government has needlessly endangered one of the few successful industries we have- farming.
Now, it was National that signed Kyoto in the 1990s but Liarbour is pushing through emissions trading today.
So who do we blame for this most almighty cock up of multi-billion dollar proportions?

As Muriel Newman says:

"New Zealand farmers should not be penalised for the inadequacies of those who invented the scheme. They need political leaders who will question the legitimacy of these matters on their behalf, mindful of the fact that the only way that other countries have successfully reduced their emissions of methane is by reducing livestock numbers. To expect New Zealand farmers to follow this course of action and exacerbate the world food shortage crisis and destroy the backbone of our economy is lunacy.
Farming leaders have warned that the imposition of Kyoto taxes at the levels being talked about in the emissions trading bill, will critically damage the viability of our most important export industry

Hat tip: Crusader Rabbit

UPDATE: Sir David Bellamy explains why cows and sheep should be exclused from emissions trading.


Lou Taylor said...

Fairfacts you should know that even though farmers produce useful stuff like food, at the end of the day they are ultimately richpricks and must be treated accordingly, tax the daylights out of them by whatever means possible.

adamsmith1922 said...

I think The Hive has noted this a considerable time ago. Further, The Hive pointed out that it was easy for Rudd to sign Kyoto because the Australian officials who negotiated had driven for and obtained an excellent deal for Australia, whereas I think it needs to be said that the quality of the deal NZ got was bad and must reflect shoddy advice and analysis by the public service in this instance

Anonymous said...

Will the Gnats have the balls to dump Kyoto?
They should at least call for a renegotiation so New Zealand is not screwed over on issues like farming.
It is bloody riodiculous an opt-out wasn't given for our largest industry.
I'm speechless. I do not know who to blame !



Thanks for pointing this out Adam.
But maybe we need Muriel Newman to remind us what a shocking deal NZ got from Kyoto.
And to remind the public how damaging the treaty will be for us all.