Saturday, June 21, 2008

Et Tu, A C Neilsen?

Hard on the heels of Roy Morgan came Fairfax/AC Neilsen with more good news for National and bad news for Labour. Winston (down to 3%) is dead and Maori people are moving from Labour to National. It's getting harder and harder for Helen to find a decent rogue any more.

"For the first time in the Nielsen poll, National has captured the larger share of the Maori vote, with 39 per cent of Maori planning to give their party vote to National and 22 per cent to Labour.

A further 22 per cent said they were planning to vote for the Maori Party.

That leaves Pacific Islanders as the only ethnic group now favouring Labour over National."

As every day goes by the prospect of a Nat/Act/Maori coalition hardens.

You've got to give the deluded Winston full marks for chutzpah when he goes on National TV and parades himself as a possible coalition PM. He is suffering from over exposure to baubles and sees himself as an Oswald Moseley PM in Churchill's war cabinet. Why, the fool probably has already written his plagiarised press release, entitled 'Winston's Back.' (For the unenlightened, this was the terse message Churchill sent to all staff when he regained the position of First Lord of The Admiralty.)


pdm said...

Peters has a letter to the Editor in todays DomPost defending his Charitable Donations. Says if they paid it back they would incur Gift Duty.

If that is correct and with Gift Duty at 40c in the $ that means Labour owes another $350,000 approx.

They will love him for that.

Someone with better skills than I may be able to link to the letter.


I wonder if the PM will pay closer attention to this poll now it shows a small trend in her favour.
As for Wellington, perhaps the bureaucrats down there see a National-led government as almost certain and perhaps fear for their jobs.
Perhaps the wider Wellington region realises how well it has done on the hog of the taxpayer while the rest of the country pays for it.
Indeed, the massive gulf in support between Liarbour and National is quite amazing.
Auckland as the business capital is suffering greatest from the recessions Liarbour caused (by worsening an otherwise downturn).
And south Auckland is waking up to the reality that Liarbour cannot improve things.
I was surprised by the support National are getting from Maori. Maori are obviously waking up to the way that for too long Liarbour has taken them for granted, thrown a few baubles at them and exploited them.
Maori now see a need for a change of direction as independed people with the mana to stand on their own two feet.
They realise dependency on welfare and Liarbour is not working.

emmess said...

Love the spin
Labour voter's prefer Clark

Almost like "Shock horror Labour voters vote labour"

A plurality of an "oppressed" minority supporting a right leaning party is pretty much unprecedented anywhere the world as far as I know, this really is incredible