Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Driving back from Christchurch last week got a great view of Mt Tapuae o Uenuku so dug out some photos. If you ever have a spare 3 days its a great climb to just over 2800m , making it about the 5th or 6th highest peak in NZ. The highest peak outside the Southern Alps.

its a day up the river to the hut, then a day to the summit and back and a final day out. Quite hard climbing over scree but nothing too technical. We came down this gut which was probably the hardest part. You get the satisfaction at the top of having stood on a summit that Sir Ed Hillary also knocked off.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post Lou - I don't think I will take on the climb though.

I always enjoy the sight of a snow covered Tapuae o Uenuku and it's surrounds from the Wellington coast or a ferry on a good clear day. One of the best views in NZ for mine.