Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The cost of 'climate change'

First, Terry Dunleavy, New Zealand head of the International Climate Science Coalition tells No Minister today about how he researched global warming more and changing evidence turned into a sceptic.

Following on from this morning's post about the Kiwis joining the Manhattan Declaration of 1100 AGW sceptics, a look at todays papers reveals some of the cost of the ideology of the global warmingmongers and related enviro-mentalism.

1-Stuff reports claims of $1.2 billion of 'corporate welfare' to help our biggest firms cope with the change.

2- The government still pushing head with biofuels legislation.

3- But tallow prices are too expensive for Canterbury's 'green' buses.'

4- The cost of a slow train to Helensville balloons further.

5- And 'integrated ticketing' alone for Auckland public transport will cost over $100million, reports Computerworld.

And then we have the lost jobs and higher costs resulting from the government's Emissions Trading Scheme. Are we all mad with this enviro-lunacy?


macdoctor said...

Are we all mad with this enviro-lunacy?

Is this a trick question, FFM?...

Anonymous said...

A whole city is about to be sacriced to the God of CO2. It's an outrage.
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