Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cops acquitted so must be 'scum'

If you're a young cop who, while chasing a car, drives into a power pole, knocking it over, which in turn lands on a small boy almost killing him, and you are convicted then all is swell. Justice.

But if you're a cop in the watch house fingerprinting a dangerous, P-fuelled prisoner and you have to restrain him and are charged with Assault and are acquitted then all is not swell. You are in fact, "lower than low".

So let me get this straight: if you're a cop charged with an offence and you're found guilty then that's patently the right result, but the victim's relatives will forgive you.

But she said his family did not want Holmes to be sentenced to prison.

"I do feel sorry for him, it's a mistake that he has made," she said.

But if you're found not guilty that's patently the wrong result and you should expect no forgiveness.
Reaction from the Falwasser family was predominantly surprise and disappointment. One close family member walked out saying "pigs", "no justice" and "bullshit".
As a Mongrel Mob member said to me once "there ain't no justice bro', just us".

And he was right.


Ed Snack said...

Well Gooner, the cop in the first case was driving like a fool, driving dangerously, and deserved to be prosecuted, just like you would be in similar circumstances. Being in the police and on a pursuit is not a licence to drive that badly and with reckless disregard for the safety of others.

As for the second case, I believe that it was police belief that they were dealing with a "P fueled maniac", but in fact they weren't. The fellow was pyschotic because of not taking his medication maybe, a bit different from P fueled. Cases like this are difficult, but I find it hard to believe that there was an honest explanation that the cops needed to keep going back into the cell one after another, to fire more pepper spray and then smack this fellow across the head over and over again. Surely, in a cell, he could be left to see if he would calm down on his own. A nurse did attend, but failed to carry out an adequate check as she did not find out if he was a registered patient (I believe he was) and if he should have been taking medication, when those facts were discoverable and probably should have been discovered.

I don't like seeing brutality in any form, and the police as far as I could tell, acted extremely brutally.

Anonymous said...

And the cop in the first case deserved to be prosecuted as did those in the second. I'm not excusing any behaviour; just noting that everytime a cop is charged in this country we have people baying for blood.



And if all else fails, play the race card and blame institutional racism in the justice system.

Anonymous said...

the 4 cops are free END OF STORY. ed snack. LIVE WITH IT

Clunking Fist said...

anon that's unfair: we have EFA and a Liarbore gummint NAD I'M NOT PREPARED TO LIVE WITH THAT. (Even though all I can do is shout and wave my arms until election day.)