Friday, June 27, 2008

Can Liarbour be this dumb?

A political row is brewing over suggestions that patients under private medical care could lose access to subsidised drugs - a move that would cost some people tens of thousands of dollars.
Director-general of health Stephen McKernan told Parliament's health select committee this week the Health Ministry would be reviewing subsidised pharmaceuticals for patients treated by private specialists.
"Our general policy is public funding is for public patients," he said.
But haven't those who go private already paid for their heathcare?
Aren't they paying twice?
Aren't they also relieving the burden of a health service by going private when they can?
And look how the bureaucrats wants to punish them!
Fortunately, the Hive reports Cunliffe can see the pitfalls of this policy.
But DHBs are looking a other ways to hit private patients.
Today's NZ Herald editorial notes the unfairness of it all, as does leftist columnist Brian Rudman.
Looks like another policy written in Downing Street, which has been an amazing success, both in term of patient outcomes and support for its Liarbour government, now at record lows.
The Hive has expressed its view, and I guess Barnsley Bill would not be alone in his either.
Will Liarbour be so dumb as to let its officials penalise people like this?
Hat Tip: The Hive & Barnsley Bill


KG said...


Barnsley Bill said...

Thanks for the hat tip. I read this story this morning just before leaving for a day in hospital. Todays visit was on the "private" and the service was tip top.. For balance I should mention that my brief stay last week at northland base hospital was on the "public". The service I received then was outstanding.
This latest move is socialist dogma gone mad. When the health funding has nigh on doubled in the last nine years there should be no reason to start gouging. I really want a razor gang formed to go through all these fucking govt departments after the election. I read with incredulity the absolute gobshite that the standard is reproducing from the ninth floor and despair. How these Kunts can think there isn't massive waste across the govt service beggars belief.
DSouble the budget half the service seems to be the new motto.

monty said...

So the cost of insurance climbs through the roof, the numbers of people privately insuring drops as a result, and the hospital waiting lists get longer. Stupid fuckwit socialists - they don't deserve 20.8% in the upcoming election.

Anonymous said...

The people want "a government that is on their side not on their backs".

Anonymous said...

I really want a razor gang formed to go through all these fucking govt departments after the election.

I don't want a razor gang. I simply want them all closed, everybody fired - yeah, you'll have to change the law to just cancel their contracts, but who gives a fuck they'll have no money to pay 'em with - and the buildings and equipment sold on trademe with a zero reserve.

Get rid of the whole fucking corrupt public mess once and for all - and fix the constitution (National already has the mandate) so such things can never ever happen again.