Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bilious Bitch's Poodle

The Small Brown Shiny Bauble has announced he is standing for the Tauranga electorate.

The first thing I want to hear from him is:-

Where did he get the $158k he allegedly gave to charities?

The second thing is:-

When is he going to pay $158k to Parliamentary Services?

The third thing is:-

What makes him think anyone in Tauranga will vote for him? Why he is simply Helen's little lapdog who pissed all over Tauranga - and the people know it.

This is the same short arsed oleaginous little jerk who yesterday berated the Fiji administration for using 'hacked e-mails' which clearly showed NZ's High Commissioner and foreign newspaper editors complicit in attempting to undermine the Bainimarama administration.

I kid you not.

Winston Peters - the Shallow Man so aptly pinged by The Hive as being all Overture But No Opera. (The prick can't even sing in tune. Thats why he never made it in the National Party.) He'd be there for the aprez performance piss up though.



Funnies picture I have seen in ages Adolf.
Now, as for Winnie, he is buggered against the spunky young lawyer from National.
And Liarbour aren't making much of an effort by putting up that drg queen with the red lipstick who got booted off the local council.
If you say its a two horse race, then National has the eager young colt and Winnie is ready for the knackers yard.
The mare is not in the running.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys catch up with Winston's letter to the Editor in yesterdays DomPost. In this he said he had advice from `New Zealands leading international Tax Lawyer' who said paying the money back would attract Gift Duty. It all sounds like bullshit to me and onother Winston distraction.

But in the unlikely event he is right then Labour must owe Gift Duty of about $350,000 as the Gift Duty rate is 40c in the $.

Roger. Mellie said...

Hello, good evening and bollocks.
Mare or nag?
What is Winston up to? Why would he put himself through a career capping humiliation?
Either A. The scotch has finally done it's work and he is mental enough to believe he will win.
Or B. he has some devilishly double breasted deed planned to reverse his fortunes.
Roger Mellie. The man on the telly.

Anonymous said...

"What makes him think anyone in Tauranga is going to vote for him?"

C'mon Adolf. There were 158 people at Winston's announcement. Presumably they will all vote for him. Don't expect anyone else will though.