Saturday, June 21, 2008

Aussie exodus baffles bureaucrats

Ever the helpful chap, KG at Crusader Rabbit has just about written the post I had in mind on why record numbers of Kiwis are leaving New Zealand for Australia.
Stuff today reports bureaucrats in Wellington do not know why, so they are trying to find out.
I wonder if KG will email them his answers?
"I guess it would baffle bureaucrats--insulated as they are from the stark realities facing many Kiwis.
So in a spirit of helpfulness I'll give the fat-assed statist leeches a clue or two:crippling taxes, crime, an overbearing, nannying unprincipled government of liars, cheats, thieves, environmental zealots and thugs.
A vast army of welfare bludgers who regard "free" medical care and a plethora of other "free" services as a right.
A diminishing army of taxpayers who regard funding druggies, Maori separatists, single teenage sluts, Polynesian thugs, council gaueleiters, fat-arsed dictatorial wimmin and nannying nazi bureaucrats as a less than optimal use of their hard-earned dollars.
It's a start--I'm sure a few of the thousands of blood-sucking effing leeches who make a comfortable living from the public tit would be able to take a break from their endless conferences and seminars and office gossip sessions could come up with one or two more reasons."
Well? What more can we say?
Hat tip: Crusader Rabbit.


Anonymous said...

Nonetheless the bureaucrats are keeping our best Tourist resorts in clover.....Baxter

Bryan Spondre said...

Why Kiwis are buggering off to Australia reason #187: Tax Burden