Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another great shocking exclusive from the SST!

The National Party employs spin doctors!
Well, knock me down with a feather!
It's almost as great as his other exclusive like...
Big business supports right-wing parties and right-wing leaders!
How the Sunday Star-Times can retain credibility with the endless rantings of this failed extremist is beyond me.
And whatver happened to that 'Neutron Bomb', whatver Hagar's emails were supposed to contain?
Does anybody care now?
Least of all the dwindling Sunday Star-Times readership, which no doubt will get even lower after today.
Are you telling me that Liarbour doesn't employ spin doctors too?
And they behave with impeccable integrity? That Liarbour have never played dirty?
It amazes me that the Left and some of the country's supposedly top journalists and editors continue to highly rate Hagar the Horrible, yet continue to shun Ian Wishart.
One important thing about journalism is saying something that is new.
Ian Wishart delivers many a good scandal, scandal that highlights hypocracy, corruption and dodgy dealings within government. He tells us things we do not know, that the powers that be don't want us to know.
As for Hagar, it's just the same conpiracy and leftist tripe, time after time after time.
National uses spin doctors (and it seems they are pretty good), it has friends in the business world?
Tell me something else that aint new!

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And they employ the best!