Monday, June 30, 2008

Accuse Others of What You Do

The not so smart Labour Party strategists who decided to let loose Sticky Nicky Agar (the party's medium for growing toxic microbes) should have realised what they were really doing.

An hysterical commentor at The Labour Blog (where only party approved comments are published) summed it up so well:-

"Similarly the C/T strategy of inserting lies, rumour and innuendo through third parties –"

You couldn't get a better example of this practice than Labour's very own use of it's favorite third party rumour monger in this week-ends Sunday Star Times -Labour's favorite mouthpiece..

If you want to know what these crooks are up to, just look at what they accuse others of doing.


Redbaiter said...

"The Labour Blog (where only party approved comments are published)"

I'm going to break my self imposed rule and post here again, because the irony of the title to this post is just a little too much. While the Soviet/ Stalinist styled Standard has the typical leftist disregard for freedom of expression (you can say what you like as long as we first approve it) let's not forget that posts have been deleted at this site on a similar basis.

Not to suggest that No Minister is even remotely as bad as the Standard.

(Great articles of late too. A good read. I'm often regretful concerning my rule.)

Anonymous said...

There are some cracking comments over there too.
And it certainly highlights the hypocrisy of Liarbore.
They are the sleaze merchants.
Look at Trevor Mallard!