Monday, June 30, 2008

Comment of the Week

And it comes from our ever-lurking Dim over at Public Address:

I don't think I've heard Clark described as 'smug'. The word is frequently used to describe Cullen, however. And you'd be hard pressed to argue that our Deputy PM is not insufferably smug - you don't need Crosby/Textor to tell you that, you just need a few seconds of Question Time footage.

It seems to me that Labour party supporters at PAS are building themselves a narrative to explain their parties upcoming annihilation and the Cosby/Textor revelations feed right into that, providing an excuse for the left that poor old Labour will only lose because of some sort of satanic, right-wing media sorcery.

Labour will lose this election for a variety of reasons - bad luck with the economy, incompetent handling of the media, public rejection of their policies, 'third-termitis' and so on - and the Nats will win by default because Labour are doing a terrible job convincing the country to give them another term, not because they have Crosby/Textor on the payroll.

Spot on Danyl. Take a bow. Nice to have some left-wing objectivity.

Happy first Birthday No Minister!

Born from the ashes of Sir Humphreys, the No Minister blog started a year ago today.
I didn't realise it was today until now, otherwise I would have posted earlier today.
June 30 2007 marked the first trial followed by a couple of posts from Adolf .
PM started posting on July 3 , with Gooner re-joining a few day after that.
I joined late in July 2007 and this year we have our new recruits Lou and Grant.
Now, with No Minister going from strength to strength, earning a top ten ranking in the 'official' Tumeke! chart, we will continue our task in opposing Dear Leader.
And we are helped in this by PM who does not always agree with us, so he keeps us on our toes and shares his own views too.
Over the past year, there have been more than 1800 postings (drafts don't count and need deleting team) and at the current rate of ten or so a day we should make 2000 in a couple of weeks.
I think this anniversary is worthy of a toast. But bugger! I have no Lindauer! Sauv Blanc will have to do!
So thanks to the rest of our team and our loyal readers!
Fairfacts Media
PS The official Tumeke! chart is a week or so away.
But there is a new No Minister set of charts out tomorrow.
Find out who is in our top tens early tomorrow.

What bollocks....

Was feeling a bit masochistic this afternoon and thus decided to call in at the standard. Well hasnt hagar's pitiful bit of circumstantial psuedo journalism got them lathered up over there. That the leader of a major political has hired some consultants to help with his image, (apparently), is held up as an equivalent to him being uncovered as Grand Poo Bah of the Ekatahuna branch of the KKK.
Forgive my possible naivety, but don't all poilitical heavies use these sort of people? And dont try and tell me that helen doesn't get, or hasnt had, media coaching? Labour surely uses someone to make sure our perception of dear leader is the correct one otherwise we wouldn't be getting this

when the reality is more like this:


Why New Zealand is failing

Offer any critique on why the New Zealand economy is failing, and the left will accuse you of having a "New Zealand sucks" mentality and somehow you are unpatriotic for even daring to raise the issue.
The harsh truth is that their leftist policies are failing New Zealand and this truly would be a land of plenty if we had the right policies to make New Zealand more prosperous again. It's just their way of shutting down debate, one they'd lose
The Dominion-Post today notes the views of leading businessman Kerry McDonald that our productivity record is a "national disaster." The full paper is here.
His views follow Brian Gaynor in the Weekend Herald lamenting our lack of vision, noting Kiwis are now poorer than the Greeks.
In the excellent article by James Weir, McDonald says the Labour Government's climate-change policies are also "a very high risk to the economy".
Productivity was "disastrously low" and growing only slowly, limiting household incomes, international competitiveness and living standards, McDonald said in a paper, outlining his "personal views".
Handicapped by "ineffective economic policies", New Zealand's economic performance was unacceptably weak and it was being marginalised by a globalising, rapidly developing world.
There was a link between rising tax and government regulation since 2000 and poor productivity, he said.
The tax system was "deteriorating" as the rest of the world steadily cut tax rates, he said.
McDonald continues:
Government policy had been "politically-oriented, rather than strategic", reflecting a mistrust of markets, a lack of understanding of business, and a "strong preference for regulation and bureaucratic intervention".
For example, Working For Families payments were used to compensate for low productivity, incomes and living standards, rather than dealing with the fundamental problems, he said.
Government policy risk was now a "major disincentive" for business investment.
And he added
Low productivity undermined competitiveness and limited incomes and the capacity to do things in other areas, such as defence, environmental protection, health and education.
"New Zealand's increase in tax and regulation since 2000 strongly correlates with poor productivity," he said.
In his article, Brian Gaynor presents another worthy read, noting how tax policies have fueled consumption, rather than investment, and that is one reason why we are failing. The other is that the country has no idea as to which direction it wants to go.
Thus, while McDonald rightly lambasts Liarbour over its failing policies costing New Zealand dearly, Gaynor seems to let them off the hook a little, as National seem to lack vision too.
Indeed, only ACT has vision with its 20 point plan, while National may be swallowing too many 'dead rats' to get elected, which has the effect of preventing the change of direction New Zaland needs. But at least National's policy in terms of getting elected is working and will at least stop the situation getting much worse.
Hat tip: The Hive
Update: Bryan Spondre has discovered some nice charts here.

The perils of politicisation

All is not well in Helengrad.
Indeed, its modus operandi is not workng.
The reasons for it is given in an editorial in the Dominion-Post today, as noted by The Hive.
A perception has grown up, rightly or wrongly, in recent years that the public service has left behind its tradition of political neutrality and become an operational arm of the Labour Party.
That has been encouraged by a national librarian lavishly praising her minister in public, a chief executive bowing to bullying from his minister over a departmental appointment and a former state services commissioner who learned a senior state servant didn't have the doctorate she claimed yet failed to frogmarch her from the building, presumably because of her political connections.
A sense has also grown of a service no longer willing to give ministers advice they do not want to hear and a chief executive pool that erroneously believes their boss is their minister, not the state services commissioner
Now, I will explain why Helengrad is not working, why government is producing so much awful and unworkable policy.
Liarbour has either stacked the bureacracy with too many of its own placemen and women, or people are all too terrified to give the independent advice government needs to avoid getting into trouble.
It's almost like "Oh yes! Dear Leader! Killing the first born is an excellent policy."
A more neutral civil service would warn her against it.
You reap what you sow. Liarbour only has itself to blame for so much bad policy and the effect on its poll ratings!
Hat tip: The Hive

Is it because I is black?

Liberty Scott is rightfully full of 'rage' as he posts on the situation in Zimbabwe, which has just seen Robert Mugabe kill and cheat his way back into power.
Here's the Sunday Times of London with a horrifying example of brutality from Mugabe' Marxist thugs.
“She’s gone out. Let’s kill the baby,” she heard a member of the gang say. The next thing she saw from under the bed was Blessing’s tiny body hitting the concrete floor with a force that shattered his tiny legs."
Indeed, what is it gong to take for the world to intervene?
In a couple of posts yesterday, Liberty Scott highlights how 'colonial guilt' led Britain and other countries let Mugabe gain power despite existing fears of what he might do.
And it appears such colonial guilt is allowing him to carry on doing what he is doing. Indeed, playing the colonial guilt campaign was all part of his re-election strategy.
But of course, who suffers most from such colonial guilt, but black people themselves.
With South Africa, it was terrible that white people would be beastly to blacks, and the world was rightfully in uproar, but black-on-black violence and terror is seemingly all ok. So the great and the good just sit back and tut tut and spinelessly do nothing.
Indeed, how much does 'colonial guilt' or 'liberal white guilt' influence New Zealand government policy to Maori? And how effective is it? Can we really expect second or third best from people simply because they are of a different race? Does it all give them an excuse to fail or behave like barbarians? And who suffers the most because of it?
So, it is not just Barack Obama, or Robert Gabriel Mugabe, but also our own Maori leaders who can also look at how the white liberals turn a blind eye to or excuse their failings and wonder "Is it because I is black? "


The "beautification" trial on a 3km stretch at Henderson was the brainchild of the Corrections Department ...

Millions of dollars spent and finally a brillant but cunningly simple idea. If only someone at corrections had thought of it sooner.

Evil or Just Plain Incompetent?

"Looking back to when New Zealand signed up to the Kyoto Protocol, it would be reasonable to assume that the government would have wanted to protect the critical agricultural industry from the cost of carbon pricing. Instead our government did the opposite and included agricultural emissions in its Kyoto obligations making New Zealand the only country in the world to have agricultural emissions included as a part of its Kyoto Protocol commitments."
Muriel Newman.

I am amazed that as the emissions trading bills wends its way through parliament that little or nothing has been noted of this fact. I could be wrong, but I don't recall anything from the Hive or Fran O'Sullivan, who have done sterling work in covering the legislation.
But, yes, it's one of those gobsmacking moments when you sit back and think that the New Zealand government has needlessly endangered one of the few successful industries we have- farming.
Now, it was National that signed Kyoto in the 1990s but Liarbour is pushing through emissions trading today.
So who do we blame for this most almighty cock up of multi-billion dollar proportions?

As Muriel Newman says:

"New Zealand farmers should not be penalised for the inadequacies of those who invented the scheme. They need political leaders who will question the legitimacy of these matters on their behalf, mindful of the fact that the only way that other countries have successfully reduced their emissions of methane is by reducing livestock numbers. To expect New Zealand farmers to follow this course of action and exacerbate the world food shortage crisis and destroy the backbone of our economy is lunacy.
Farming leaders have warned that the imposition of Kyoto taxes at the levels being talked about in the emissions trading bill, will critically damage the viability of our most important export industry

Hat tip: Crusader Rabbit

UPDATE: Sir David Bellamy explains why cows and sheep should be exclused from emissions trading.

Accuse Others of What You Do

The not so smart Labour Party strategists who decided to let loose Sticky Nicky Agar (the party's medium for growing toxic microbes) should have realised what they were really doing.

An hysterical commentor at The Labour Blog (where only party approved comments are published) summed it up so well:-

"Similarly the C/T strategy of inserting lies, rumour and innuendo through third parties –"

You couldn't get a better example of this practice than Labour's very own use of it's favorite third party rumour monger in this week-ends Sunday Star Times -Labour's favorite mouthpiece..

If you want to know what these crooks are up to, just look at what they accuse others of doing.

"Tawdry Audrey" has some explaining to do

I'm not into roasting individual journos as much as dear old Adolf is.
Perhaps being one myself, I can vouch that receiving a right rollicking does not always get the desired effect from politicians.
It might piss off the hacks even more to be even more beastly about the individual or their party.
I recall Adolf once calling Herald Political Editor Audrey Young 'Tawdry Audrey' about how she stitched up John Key over something.
However, I am curious over her complaint to the Electoral Commission concerning National Party literature.
"A complaint from the New Zealand Herald's Political Editor Audrey Young that a National Party flyer was an election advertisement that did not have a promoter's statement was rejected by the commission.
It said the leaflet called "Join the conversation" was described by National as not talking about the election, but about listening to people and developing policy, both of which were legitimate parliamentary activities.
The commission agreed that the "overall character" of the flyer was not to encourage people to vote or not vote for a party."
Now, Audrey Young and the NZ Herald may have legitimate grounds for this. Testing the law purely in the interests of getting a story? Gaining clarification on what is permissable under the EFA, or not?
But it can be seen the wrong way, like they are telling tales out out of school.
Indeed, this incident does run the risk of Audrey Young appearing prejudiced against a political party if she is reporting them for alleged misdemeanours. Has Audrey Young made complaints about Liarbour, NZ First or any of the other parties?
To set our minds at rest, the NZ Herald's political editor has some explaining to do. I would hate Adolf to again use the nickname he coined for Audrey.

Hagar the Horrible still playing it dirty

Is Hagar the Horrible still receiving stolen property?
Has that man no shame?
In a interesting update, NZPA last night reported National MPs fear it internal systems remain compromised and Nicky Hagar may still have access to their emails.
Mr Key's Chief of Staff Wayne Eagleson told NZPA that he did not know if Hager still had access to National Party correspondence.
"We have expressed concern to Parliamentary Service on a number of occasions about the security of the parliamentary email system," Mr Eagleson said.
"Since then (the release of Don Brash's emails) a number of initiatives have been taken both by Parliamentary Service and by ourselves to try and improve the situation."
Asked if he believed Hager still had access to National Party diary information Mr Eagleson said "I don't know".
Mr Eagleson said he didn't want to get into specifics of his concerns or whether the details of the story confirmed leaks were continuing or if the party's security was compromised.
"We are doing all we can, but if you are asking me whether it is foolproof, well there are no 100 percent guarantees."
Well, I'm tired of the nudge,nudge wink wink from Hagar, Liarbour and Winnie about some so-called 'neutron bomb' concerning John Key's election. As they always say in the media, 'publish and be damned.'
Or isn't there anything worth publishing. Let's face it, the Star-Times revelation yesterday was one helluva damp squib!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The ultimate Nanny State

Dear Leader has long admired Sweden, so what's happening over there?
A kid handed out party invites in class and had them confiscated for not inviting two troublemakers. Apparantly their fellings were hurt, it wasn't fair, so Nanny state stepped in.
Kids are even complaining to the state that their parents spend too much time online, often looking at porn!
Elsewhere, in Canada, parents must be careful on how they punish their children. Never mind smacking, but even grounding them can be unlawful and your naughty 12-year-old might get the punishment overturned in court.
As we wonder whether such nonsense, such undermining of parental rights, might happen in New Zealand, think what Liarbour might bring should it win a fourth term. The smacking ban might just be the start of it!
Now, what did happen to the Dear Leader appointed Cindy Kiro and her plans to monitor all the country's children?

Partners in defeat

Both have little to be cheer about.
Gordon Brown, on his first anniversary as PM, is as down in the polls as much as Dear Leader.
The reasons for the Downing Street Dickhead's plight are many and varied.
But highlighting how out of touch Liarbour UK has become is a war hero , who won a Victoria Cross, being banned from gaining entry to Britain, while those who plot to destroy the British state are allowed to stay in the UK and live on government benefits.
There was the promise to have a referedum on the EU Lisbon treaty which he backed out of, and Gordon Brown bottling out of an election last year.
Don't forget a mismanaged economy (he was finance minister for ten years before becoming PM); plus rampant political correctness and molly-coddling muslims and their terrorist allies.
It's not just tax and spend enviro-socialism; with petrol prices among the highest in the developed world, boosted by plans to rapidly increase car taxes, on top of a growing tax burden.
With Liarbour UK already set for defeat at the Henley-on-Thames byelection, the result was only set to worsen as one of Liarbour's top ministers, deputy PM Harriet Harman, announced plans to make it legal to discriminate against men! Look here for a future Liabour policy?
So no wonder Liarbour UK came 5th, behind the Greens and the facist British National Party.
This weekend, we have a Scottish Liarbour leader quitting over a funding scandal, and Liarbour's big business backers are unhappy with Gordon and the UK party cruises towards bankruptcy.
Happy Anniversary Gordon!
I can only end with this musical tribute from Guido Fawkes.

They Can't Help Themselves

Senior Labour Party people will be shitting themselves at the antics of their fellow travelers over at The Labour Blog.

They could sit by and smile while Hagar and the execrable Sunday Star Times set themselves up for a defamation lawsuit but the smiles will be vanishing as the defamatory comments pile up unedited at The Standard. If these people had one brain between the lot of them they'd be dangerous.

Here's a sample of their comments which I expect will be taken down within hours. But don't worry, the thread has been saved and sent to the lads in Aussie.

"As if it isn’t bad enough they are using these nasty, repulsive, divisive people...."

"..John Key chose - note, actively chose, he went to them - to employ racist shits,..."

"Similarly the C/T strategy of inserting lies, rumour and innuendo through third parties –"

"...while highlighting CT’s history of underhandedness."

"they’re known as the dirtiest and most driven political PR firm in the game. CT specialises in dog-whistle racism, attack politics and pretty much every aspect of the politics of division."

Keep it up chaps and you'll all pay a very high price for your KeyDerangement Syndrome. They say the only cure is radical surgery to the bank account.

If you read the whole thread you will see the real problem for Labour is that this time round they are broke and can't afford to hire their own consultants.

Why are they broke? Because their very own Electoral Finance Actl has dried up their money supply. No more tax payer advertising via gummint departments. No more unlimited union electoral spend up. Nobody will back a loser on 29% in the polls.

My spies tell me already they are in hock for over $460k so it's very hard to see how they will fund any campaign at all. Hell, they might have to sell some assets.

Hail Saint Helen! Dear Leader makes cripples walk!

At first it seems somewhat harsh all the abuse being heaped on Dear Leader over the disabled parking space controversy.
Though after the Key-history beat up, all seems fair in love and war.
It appears Dear Leader was inside the building when the incident happened, unaware of what was going on outside.
And thanks to her, a frail 81-year-old disabled man was forced to walk.
But what on Earth gave the PM's security staff the view that Dear Leader is somehow above the law!
WHOEVER or WHATEVER gave them that idea?
Hat tip: Whale Oil

Ho Ho Ho And Off To Court We Go

The Hive has spotted some embarrassing history which it seems was overlooked by the SST and it's demented correspondent Nicky Hagar.

Bugger it, there go all those royalties from my stolen e-mails.

Here's the punch line from the groveling apology issued by the rabid leftist website Crikey:-

"We sincerely apologise to Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor for the hurt and damage caused to them by our reports. We acknowledge that had we reported fairly, the compensation we have paid to them would not have been necessary."

Now, let's go and drool over Hagar's Greatest Hits - the ones where he fires all his bullets though his own feet. Could this possiby be the biggest own goal ever for Labor? And one that's been scored by a spectator rather than a player.

"minister has been overseen and directed by the same professional manipulators used (and also kept secret) by his predecessor, Don Brash. They are the Australian political tacticians, Crosby/Textor. "

Hagar will have to provide some evidence for this description and I think he will struggle.

They managed the 2001 election campaign where Howard claimed, incorrectly, that refugees on the ship Tampa had thrown their babies overboard to blackmail their way into Australia, followed by full-page ads saying "We will decide who comes into this country."

There is a clear implication by Hagar that the consultants were responsible for Howard's statement. Hagar will struggle to prove that. My recollection of the episode was that even after exhaustive and public enquiry there was nothing to show that Howard had not acted on what he thought was accurate advice from the Navy - albeit LATER shown to be inaccurate.

The article in its entirety is clearly malicious and if parts of it are untrue then Hagar is dog tucker and is swimming in deep defamation waters.

In reality it is nothing but a very shoddy beat up. (Just like his hollow book which has been vastly outsold by Wishart's Aboslute Power.)

Politicians use media consultants. Really? Is that all? Somebody should tell Trevor Mallard.

National's crime is to use consultants who are better at their jobs than are those used by Labour.

Because they are good at their jobs they will wait until the election is over and then skin Hagar alive.

I can't wait.


Are we up for the Great Battle For Freedom?

There’s a big battle out there.
So big we may not even know it.
You could say we cannot see the wood for the trees.
I refer to the government’s emissions trading scheme and its international variants.
You could say its the biggest ideological battle since capitalism versus communism.
And we had thought capitalism had won.
But no, the socialists have regrouped for one more battle and in the guise of a new religion, they look set to increase state control of industry far bigger than the social democratic , mixed economy countries ever achieved in the 1970s (or the Muldoonist 80s in New Zealand) when socialism reached a zenith.
Carbon taxes, carbon trading, call it what you want. The end result is the same. Greater state control of private enterprise and more nannying into our lives.
Wherever we look, governments are pushing through various legislation, some faster than others.
Here in New Zealand we see emissions trading, which is set to cost tens of thousands of jobs, raise fuel and food prices and lower our living standards.
Of course, we mustn’t forget how government will use its agents of state, the SOEs to claim something different, however flawed, even when it threatens to break its pet lobbying groups.
We also see how governments will also push legislation through, regardless of the economic and social conquences, even to the point of risking its own majority. This is how the socialists in Liarbour and the Greens think. Their statist ideology comes first.
Over in Australia, we see how similar environmentalism is also set to cause the country billions of dollars and harm living standards too.
And in the UK, with plans to build thousands of windmills even though they will need conventional power back up to work.
There won’t be much environmental gain anyway. We saw this with the support for biofuels. But environmental friendliness is not the real aim. It’s about control. Witness how Green Parties everywhere tend to be socialists in drag, or watermelons, green on the outside and red on the inside. Witness how the dirtiest countries, like the former USSR, tend to be the socialist/communist ones, while the richer capitalist ones are usually cleaner.
And now, after communism was shown to fail, we see a fightback under the guise of supporting Gaia. We should not have private cars, we are told, they damage the environment. We cannot use petrol too, likewise. But Pruises are more environmentally damaging and so are diesel buses! We are told to use biofuels but then we realise they cause bigger problems, like habitat devastation and starvation. And we’ll have it drummed into us concepts of carbon foot prints and food miles.
We should be carbon free but non nuclear is still wrong. And if you doubt the nannying, look how the greenies are obsessed by what we eat (it can’t be pies) and what we watch (it can’t be The Great Global Warming Swindle).
And now they and their Liarbour allies are pushing carbon trading schemes the world over, with governments looking at huge windfall taxes.
What timing too? When global economies are particularly vulnerable, helped in part by the enviro-socialism they promote stopped sufficient discovery of oil and led to the push for biofiuels.
True, there will be some capitalists seeing new opportunities, like fifth columnists. And wasn’t it Lenin who said the capitalists would sell the rope from which to hang themselves?
In the meantime, Fran O’Sullivan argues how Liarbour should try and gain a cross-party consensus on climate change, which probably means leaving such measures until after the Election. But Liarbour is too keen on state control to even consider those who disagree with it.
And Poneke notes how climate change evangelists seek to brand sceptics planet destroyers.
Like he, I smell the bullshit too. Was it Rod Oram that was the facilitator?
Anyway, the stakes are truly high. Not just economic wealth but control, our freedom, the rights for us to do what we want. Be it in business, how we live, what we drive, what we heat, how we heat our homes, where we go for our holidays, and after the government’s latest piece of annoying, even what type of lightbulb we use!
Are we up for the Great Battle For Freedom?

How Easy It Is To Go Straight

What appears to be a stock standard piece of gutter journalism turns out to have a more sinister twist to it.

The SST trumpets the past criminal history of a man who is setting up a business to distribute an imported energy drink. This is an admirable endeavour for a person with a record of paedophilia and theft. He's not in contact with kids and if anyone steals anything it will be his clients stealing his stock. Pretty good so far?

Not until you look at the fellow from the Food Safety Authority. My eyebrows shot up when I read this little gem of socialist busy body interference:-

' "It's all good, it's all go with the Food Safety Authority," he said.

But an authority spokesman last night said Percy was mistaken.

"I don't know who he is talking about. "We are investigating him and things aren't all go," authority communications manager Gary Bowering said." '

Hang on a minute! Who authorised this jumped up jerk to investigate the importer or his past? Since when has the FSA been able to investigate people? That's the job of the police.

The product is either safe or it is not safe.

Show me the legislation which entitles you to investigate this fellow or stick to your job, jerk!

Liarbour: The Living Dead!

It's a poster demanding a bit of photo-shop revisionism from Whale Oil.
But Michael Laws hits the nail on the coffin when referring to Dear Leader and her government and its refusal to contemplate reality.
Instead governments fight and delude in equal proportion. They get both nasty and narcotic - going for the goolies while refusing to admit their mortality. They resemble nothing quite so much as zombies on P. Stumbling towards their fate with no shortage of flailing.
This past week the outgoing prime minister attested to her disbelief in the polls. This after a decade of attesting the opposite. She would not admit that her government had a public credibility problem, thus accentuating the public impression that there is a vast chasm between cabinet and everybody else.
Then theres the economy, Liarbour's failing with its newbies and even the press gallery turning against the government, as Laws rattles off a raft of issues facing Liarbour.
Ultimately though, the electorate has had enough. We want change. And we're starting to be resentful that we must wait until November. Which is why Labour's defeat will become such a debilitating debacle. And why we may well get an FPP government under an MMP electoral system.

Another great shocking exclusive from the SST!

The National Party employs spin doctors!
Well, knock me down with a feather!
It's almost as great as his other exclusive like...
Big business supports right-wing parties and right-wing leaders!
How the Sunday Star-Times can retain credibility with the endless rantings of this failed extremist is beyond me.
And whatver happened to that 'Neutron Bomb', whatver Hagar's emails were supposed to contain?
Does anybody care now?
Least of all the dwindling Sunday Star-Times readership, which no doubt will get even lower after today.
Are you telling me that Liarbour doesn't employ spin doctors too?
And they behave with impeccable integrity? That Liarbour have never played dirty?
It amazes me that the Left and some of the country's supposedly top journalists and editors continue to highly rate Hagar the Horrible, yet continue to shun Ian Wishart.
One important thing about journalism is saying something that is new.
Ian Wishart delivers many a good scandal, scandal that highlights hypocracy, corruption and dodgy dealings within government. He tells us things we do not know, that the powers that be don't want us to know.
As for Hagar, it's just the same conpiracy and leftist tripe, time after time after time.
National uses spin doctors (and it seems they are pretty good), it has friends in the business world?
Tell me something else that aint new!

Labour's Elephant

Keith Ng has in interesting perspective on Labour's polling woes. Here's the money quote:-

"..........says Dr Jon Johansson, a leadership expert at Victoria University. "The real weakness of Clark is that there is no over-arching explanation as to what the purpose of her government is. We've seen this right through the three terms."

(In passing, I'm impressed with Dr Johansson's new title, no doubt self written. Helps pad out the CV.)

Of course, like all the other lefties, he can't bring himself to admit what the voters of New Zealand know.

"The over-arching explanation as to what the purpose of her government is - is to keep itself in power - no matter who else suffers."

None of this morning's Herald commentators seems aware that the public has woken up to the fact that it has been governed by a cabal of crooks. One little example was the extraordinary admission the other day in question time by someone or other that there had been insufficient time to address matters relating to crime and prisons because they were too busy working on the electoral finance bill. This of course was entirely in keeping with 'the over-arching purpose of her government.

These things are not lost on the voters.

Adolf has obtained an exclusive photo of one of these EFB meetings, leaked by an official who must remain anonymous.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Obama v Clinton

Considering some of my fellow authors' disliking of Hilary Clinton here's your chance to kick her butt.

Olympians need to 'get hard'

How many times have Kiwi athletes and Rugby players been told to 'get hard'.

Well, now the little blue pill might just be helping them do just that.

Of course, it's not performance on the running track that these 'rock hard' athletes are looking for but performance somewhere else.

After all, we all know what goes on back in the athletes village don't we!

Yesterday's Whale is Tomorrow's Sheep

The International Whaling Commission is to establish a branch for the control of sheep farming, applying all the principles of the world's wailing anti-whaling lobbies to the fate or future of this delightful, cuddly, newest endangered species.

Based in New Zealand, the International Commission for Sheep (The Bleating Commission) will focus on the sharp drop in sheep numbers world wide over the past thirty years. Numbers in New Zealand have declined from over sixty million head in 1965 to less than 20 million today. It is calculated there are now fewer sheep roaming the world's pastures than there are whales in the sea.

Inaugural world president of the Bleating Commission, Sue Kedgeley, is calling for a world wide ban on the consumption of sheep meat. (Adolf was buying Kumara in Glenfield for $2.99 on the day this silly bitch was wasting parliament's time bleating about supermarkets selling them for $6.00.)

"The pain and misery caused to these innocent frolicking little lambsies is unacceptable" said the Chief Bleater. "We cruelly slaughter these animals in their hundreds of thousands. People need to know that by slaughtering just one humpback whale we could save the lives of seven hundred dear little lambs for the same amount of meat. It's what we call the death dividend."

Government grants are to be given to Iwi and other privileged group to establish sheep watching tourism ventures. Japanese visitors are to be encouraged to adopt a sheep and receive yearly updates on their little baa baa's progress into sheeplehood. Others on their gullible travels will be sold purified organic sheep dags to wear around their necks as lucky charms. (Especially effective when you enter the tropics.)

Sheep friendly businesses will receive certificates of sheepishness and will qualify for special tax rebates and the University of Canterbury is to be endowed with a faculty for woolly thinking, engaging Dr Michael Cullen as inaugural Professor. New Zealand is to shake off its 'land of sheep shaggers' image as a thorough programme of re-education is introduced to kindergartens, preschools and primary schools.

The Prime Minister has jumped at the chance to redress her party's flagging electoral fortunes by launching The Bleaters new logo on Nationwide TV next week.

Here it is:-

Hope you are snug in your beds tonight

Because despite what the government might tell us, the crisis ain't over.

More crap lands on Zim

As the sham continues in Zimbabawe, I am heartened to see that the multi billion dollar UN, that we all pay for, has taken such a positive stance. You have to admire them, sitting in leather chairs in the lap of luxery, having to make the tough calls.

The UN security council has failed to agree on declaring Zimbabwe's runoff election illegitimate today in the face of South African opposition.
Instead, it merely issued an oral statement of regret.

Personally I think their statement came out the other end

Adolf Apologises

In a recent post, Adolf displayed a picture of the Nazi leader Hitler and his spin doctor Josef Goebbels and compared them to the people over at The Labour Blog.

Adolf has withdrawn this picture and regrets any offense its use may have given to the extended families of Herr Hitler and Goebbels.

A suitable replacement has been found.

It really, really does look like Clark's hand.

They Don't Like It Up'em

I made the mistake of bringing to the attention of the lads at The Standard, the following gentle comment.

Here's great news, lads. You're no longer at risk of losing any more demographics. They've all gone. More Maori vote National, more poor people vote National. More rich pricks vote National. More cockies vote National.

There's nobody left except for the intellectually handicapped.

That's the price of Cullen's recession we didn't have to have. If he had released tax cuts six years ago, restrained growth of gummint bureaucracy, resisted the temptation to spend billions on bribes, we would have been a prosperous nation where people could afford to pay high prices for food and petrol.

Why, you blokes might even have had a show of winning this election.

And guess what happened?
These paragons of free speech blocked it.

National and Key on 'Smacking'

"The Leader of the Opposition is now running around saying he wants a referendum so he can disguise from conservatives the fact he voted for the child discipline bill in the first place - something he would like them to forget."

This week, Mr Key said his stance remained one of supporting the law change unless he saw evidence that good parents were being penalised under it. He said there was not yet any sign of that.

Lucyna is confused. The Standard showed a cartoon and labels Key inconsistent. Colin Espiner is similarly confused. Ropata seems to think because Key asked a curly question in Parliament he is swell.

Meanwhile, there still remains the one sole political party who voted consistently against this intrusive, nanny-state-knows-best legislation.

Key needs to be elected to change the law. But he won't be elected (he doesn't think) by being portrayed as a supporter of "childbeaters". But if he is elected he won't necessarily change the law anyway unless there were signs good parents were being prosecuted.

What a dumb thing to say. With his initial compromise, where he allowed police discretion to be applied explicitly, virtually the only way now that good parents would be prosecuted would be if the police didn't use their discretion properly. And that would be the fault of whom?

That's what happens when you follow polls, not principles.

Treasury Chief To Campaign For Labour

The CEO of the Treasury is to take five weeks leave to go to the aid of the endangered NZ Labour Party who really are just a mob of hairy arsed wombats.

Looks a lot like Hodgson.

Does anyone seriously think that the absence of this poobah from just one meeting will put the economy at risk?

Bloody hell, I'd better get over there and put a twenty billion dollar policy on his life.

Another Direct Hit

The news in The Herald for Labour this morning is terrible.

While Cullen was trying to launch his pathetic Battle of The Bilge this week, he was being outflanked by those agents provocateur called Digipoll. They found that the National infantry had crossed the Rhine in the dead of the month and are racing toward the Frau Fuhrer bunker. Well so to speak.

This is by far and away the most disastrous poll for Labour yet. Bell weather Auckland is gone - down a whopping ten percent in one month to well below 30%. Support across the nation is down 4% with National out to the biggest margin since polls began - 22%.

The Bilious Bitch has gained a little as preferred PM but who cares?

Worse still, low income people are flocking to National. What a bastard, all those billions invested in bribes were wasted.

Here's how it looks:-

National 55
Labour 32
Greens 6
Poodle 3

Party name Party Votes won Party seat entitlement No. of electorate seats won No. of list MPs Total MPs % of MPs
Act New Zealand 0.00% 0 1 0 1 * 0.80%
Green Party 6.00% 7 0 7 7
Jim Anderton's Progressive 0.00% 0 1 0 1 * 0.80%
Labour Party 32.00% 40 0 40 40
Maori Party 3.00% 4 6 0 6 * 4.80%
National Party 55.00% 69 0 69 69
United Future New Zealand 0.00% 0 1 0 1 * 0.80%
Totals 96.00% 120 9 116 125

National/Act/Maori coalition has seventy six seats. Enough to govern for the next generation.

Economic gloom

Lou says it's freefall. I'd say he's right plus more. There are several very worrying signals worldwide, not just in Aotearoa.
Barclays Capital has advised clients to batten down the hatches for a worldwide financial storm, warning that the US Federal Reserve has allowed the inflation genie out of the bottle and let its credibility fall "below zero".

"We're in a nasty environment," said Tim Bond, the bank's chief equity strategist. "There is an inflation shock underway. This is going to be very negative for financial assets. We are going into tortoise mood and are retreating into our shell. Investors will do well if they can preserve their wealth."
I don't think Dr Cullen has any idea what he's talking about when he says this:
Finance Minister Michael Cullen reassures that the country's economic outlook is positive despite the contraction in the first quarter. "While the March quarter GDP data today are disappointing, it is important to remember that this is a temporary disappointment driven by an unusual set of negative overseas economic developments, but that New Zealand's medium-term economic and social prospects are very health and strong," Cullen says.
I think Cullen falls into this category quite nicely:

Ludwig von Mises observed that fiat money can be inflated as long as people think it will end one day. However, if people begin to think inflation will continue forever or, worse yet, if they think it will accelerate, it’s “game over” for the scumbag thieves who are in the process of robbing honest, hardworking people, who actually create wealth.

Who are the scumbag thieves I speak of? Primarily, they are the bankers and politicians, who form this unholy alliance of thieves. Politicians are always seeking to get elected by giving as many things away to voters as possible, without taxing them. The Federal Reserve-backed banking system provides the cover for the economic lies and dishonesty of our elected officials. As Ronald Reagan quipped, “They say politics is the second-oldest profession and I’ve been around it long enough to know it has a lot in common with the oldest profession.”

Like hookers, politicians turn their own kind of tricks. They trick voters into thinking they are getting something for nothing while they are having their pockets picked by $135 oil prices caused mostly by an increase in the money supply used to finance the exact giveaway programs that get these clowns elected time after time!

Sure, the government's books are in okay shape but this is not a public debt crisis, it is a private debt/credit crisis! What is the bottom line on the world situation?

  • The world will not go into a depression like the 1930’s which was a depression of productivity. The depression of the future will be one of purchasing power of the lower and middle class wage earners who will see their standard of living reduced because of the paper money system.

  • There is also a good article here.

    Lou is right, there are a lot of ducks in a row right now and they're all falling down. Our (NZ's) bottom line is this I believe: with no finance companies left able to lend money there will be no expansions by companies and employers. There will be redundancies. House prices will fall a lot (no crash, just a slump) and there will be no further development because there are no credible finance companies left willing to lend! To solve this 'crisis', money supply in NZ will have to be increased leading to high inflation for a long time. But with no demand to support higher prices (consumer confidence is slumping) prices will fall - deflation. We could then have deflation with very little economic growth.

    How to profit out of this? Buy Gold stocks. Choose companies that are un-hedged to the US dollar and are producing rather than exploring. Gold will go nuts in the next 2-3 years. At the very least don't get into debt, in fact reduce it as best you can.

    This is shaping up as a very good election to lose.

    Have a great weekend!

    Liarbour achievements

    Tony Milne (left, where else?) has been running a series of posts entitled "Labour Achievement".
    On a weekend we can add 'recession' , how many others could we add?
    We don't have to have our own series yet.
    Though it might give us ideas for a pre-election campaign feature.
    But please send us your suggestions.
    Let see how long we can make the list.
    Tony got up to nine.
    I am sure we can beat him.

    Enough is Enough!

    It's not just South Auckand killings, but gangland violence in Hawkes Bay brings out the protesters, with several thousand on the streets today.
    A good message of what we feel not just about crime, but other government failures.

    Friday, June 27, 2008

    Can Liarbour be this dumb?

    A political row is brewing over suggestions that patients under private medical care could lose access to subsidised drugs - a move that would cost some people tens of thousands of dollars.
    Director-general of health Stephen McKernan told Parliament's health select committee this week the Health Ministry would be reviewing subsidised pharmaceuticals for patients treated by private specialists.
    "Our general policy is public funding is for public patients," he said.
    But haven't those who go private already paid for their heathcare?
    Aren't they paying twice?
    Aren't they also relieving the burden of a health service by going private when they can?
    And look how the bureaucrats wants to punish them!
    Fortunately, the Hive reports Cunliffe can see the pitfalls of this policy.
    But DHBs are looking a other ways to hit private patients.
    Today's NZ Herald editorial notes the unfairness of it all, as does leftist columnist Brian Rudman.
    Looks like another policy written in Downing Street, which has been an amazing success, both in term of patient outcomes and support for its Liarbour government, now at record lows.
    The Hive has expressed its view, and I guess Barnsley Bill would not be alone in his either.
    Will Liarbour be so dumb as to let its officials penalise people like this?
    Hat Tip: The Hive & Barnsley Bill


    Yes folks

    The toughest times in 20 years are here NOW.

    I started business in 1990 and in 18 years have never seen conditions like these stacking up in a row.

    It's a bloody shame the Labour government has pissed our wealth up against the wall for 9 years because we sure could do with it now.

    Maybe some ex Labour MP's will learn the true cost of money next year after years of signing cheques with "meaningless" 000,000,000's added on the end.

    For the rest of us. Maybe shares in parachute companies?????

    Labour Friday

    Seeing it's Friday and Fairfacts has set the tone.
    Actually another 100 years of Labour and Greens and this may be on the money!!!!!!!!!!

    Friday Frolics- Dear Leader special!

    Its Friday afternoon once more and time for Friday frolics.
    Above is the just the place for burger (it's in Australia).
    We pay tribute to Dear Leader this week with a few jokes at her expense. After all, with the polls as they are, she might not be around for much longer.
    But first, Amercia and Barack Obama.
    And look at how the terrorists are taking advantage of legal process.
    And now to Dear Leader. We might miss her when she's gone

    2. Q: Why is the Labour-led government spending so many hundreds of millions of dollars making New Zealand prisons comfortable instead of spending this kind of money on improving our schools?
    A: Because after the next election it is highly unlikely that members of the Labour caucus will be spending much time in schools.

    3. Key, Hide and Helen are suddenly and tragically killed by a freak accident in Parliament. All three appear before the Pearly Gates. St Peter looks at Key and asks, “now who might you be?”
    “I’m John Key, Leader of the New Zealand National Party,” replies John.
    “Ah, yes,” says St Peter, “tragic, you had a lot of promise…you may enter.”
    And, with that the Gates swing open and Key wanders on inside.
    “Now who might you be,” says St Peter to Hide.“I am Rodney Hide,” replies Hide.
    “Ah yes, the dancer. Fundamentally, you are a good man who has an intolerance for evil waste. Not a bad quality at all. You may enter,” and with that the Gates swing open and Rodney enters.
    St Peter then turns to where Helen had been standing but she’s gone. All too quickly St Peter realises she’s snuck in through the Pearly Gates behind Rodney or Key.
    This is unheard of. But there’s no time to ruminate on the issue. St Peter blurts out an apology to the growing queue of souls, slams his big book closed and races into heaven to find the runner. Finally, he catches up with her.
    Panting he says, “Look, I have no idea who you are…but you’re meant to wait at the Gate to be processed. That’s the Rule, it’s been in place for a long time…everyone understands it and abides by it.”
    “But I am Helen Clark, Prime Minister of the Greatest Country on Earth and, for your information, Pete, ‘Rules’ are always open to interpretation,” replies Helen haughtily.
    “Look, I don’t care who you are,” says St Peter, “you are not meant to be in here and you have to get out of the Boss’s throne right away!”

    4-Liabour Party conference time and Dear Leader aims to show “Socialists are not stupid.”
    Helen Clark says, "We are all here today to prove to the world that we are not stupid. Can I have a volunteer."
    Michael Cullen gingerly works his way through the crowd and steps up to the stage.
    Helen asks him, "What is 15 plus 15?"
    After 15 or 20 seconds Cullen says, "Eighteen!" Obviously everyone is a little disappointed.
    Then 500 party members start cheering, "GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE! GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE!"
    Helen says, "Well since we're gone to the trouble of getting 500 of you in one place and we have the world wide press and global broadcast media here, I think we can give him another chance." So she asks, "What is 5 plus 5?"After nearly 30 seconds he eventually says, "Ninety!"
    Helen is quite perplexed, looks down and just lets out a dejected sigh - everyone is disheartened - Cullen starts crying and the 500 party members begin to yell and wave their hands shouting,"GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE! GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE!"
    Helen, unsure whether or not she is doing more harm than damage, eventually says, "Ok! Ok! Just one more chance.....What is 2 plus 2?"
    Cullen closes his eyes, and after a whole minute eventually says, "Four!"
    Throughout the audotorium pandemonium breaks out as all 500 party members jump to their feet, wave their arms, stamp their feet and scream....

    Recession confirmed! Cullenomics crumbles further!

    While other countries have a slowing economy, our's is shrinking and set to shrink further.
    Today came confirmation of 0.3% shrinkage in the first quarter.
    The trade deficit is growing, worse than expected, the dollar is falling, consumer confidence is at a record low.
    The Warehouse is suffering, as is Briscoes.
    And with finance houses collapsing by the dozen inflation takin off and unemployment rising, hasn't Cullen left a fine Liabrour legacy after nine long years?
    UPDATE: It could be worse says Brian Fallow.

    Yet more Liarbour corruption

    Barely a day passes without a reminder of Liarbour's corruption and dodgy dealings, unless they are just amazingly incompetent!
    Yesterday was Baygate and today we return to the Department of Immigration and the Mary Ann Thompson saga.
    The saga over former immigration head Mary-Anne Thompson could cause further strife for the Government after the Auditor-General said he was considering splitting his inquiry to allow the earlier release of aspects in which ministers are involved.
    Kevin Brady told a select committee this week he was considering splitting a broad-ranging inquiry into the immigration service, and how issues around the granting of residency to relatives of Ms Thompson were handled.
    He said it was possible aspects which included the role Government ministers played would be addressed first.
    Mr Brady indicated ministers will undergo interviews under oath when they are questioned about what they knew of the matter and how they had responded
    And in what is another blow for Golden Boy:
    The scope of the Auditor-General's report will cover at least three ministers, including former and current immigration ministers David Cunliffe and Clayton Cosgrove, and State Services Minister David Parker.
    He's not having a good week is our Mr Cunliffe, eh!

    Failed history lecturer needs to revise his history too

    I wasn't going to bother much more with this, but since the left and some of the media are still wetting themselves over it, here are a few points about Key's so called gaffe.
    1- Michael Cullen said as much a few years back.
    2- Michael Cullen, as a former history lecturer, should have a better grasp of NZ history too. But maybe that is why he said what he said in 2005.
    3- Michael Cullen is Treaty negotiations minister so should't he also be accounted for his views on history? Where is Pita Sharples now?
    4- The governor general also echoed Keys comments on history.
    5- Other historians, as the Herald notes, also back Key's account.
    6- And we have Cullen attacking Key, forgetting what he said a few years back, until a reminder forced his silene.
    Hip, hip, hipocracy!

    Is The Flake A Fake?

    It's beginning to looks as though the first Arab-American presidential hopeful might turn out to be yet another in the proud tradition of Democrat fakes. Is The Chocolate Flake with the fake presidential seal really an alien all along?

    When Daily Kos published a copy of Obama's birth certificate to shut down debate over his eligibility to run for presidential office, I had my doubts. The most obvious sign was the fact that the serial number was blanked out. The second sing was the wording. His race was classified as 'African' but as far as Adolf can recall, back when Obama is alleged to have been born, blacks were referrd to as 'negro.' The term 'African' is a product of the politically correct modern day.

    Click for higher resolution image

    TBR has more.

    The Liarbour Minister of Heath

    Who need lies, corruption, dodgy deals, meddling ministers and a Golden Boy in trouble when you can whip up a scandal over the opposition leader echoing the Finance and Treaty Negotiations Minister over points of New Zealand history.
    Once more the media missed Baygate.
    And amid its complications, we had a delicious turn of phrase from David Cunliffe.
    I mean what is a 'factual misunderstanding?
    I guess Liarbour have to keep inventing new words for the many lies they make.
    Next, Dear Leader will have "mis-spoken" just like Hillary Clinton.
    Anyway, there is a story here.
    Not just the corruption, but the 'factual misunderstandings' of a minister who now looks like he won't go all the way to the top after all!
    The Hive also thinks David Cunliffe could well be history!

    Liarbour certainly know how to spend your money

    Defence agencies' monitoring systems are so poor the Auditor-General cannot say whether cost blowouts in major defence projects are justified or not.
    The Audit Office embarked on an investigation into defence agencies' monitoring and reporting last year in regard to 10 major defence purchases, most of which have been subject to delays and cost increases.
    But in an interim report, released today, Auditor-General Kevin Brady said the ministry's reporting systems were so poor his office had been forced to abandon the audit.

    Typical Liarbour, eh! It just confirms what Gooner said the other day about Liarbour.
    They just think a problem can be solved by throwing money at a problem without a care as to how wisely it is spent.
    It was only yesterday we heard about the bureaucratic Tertiary Education Commission gorging on waste.
    Ask yourself, who spends money wisest? You or this Liarbour government?

    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    Just a thought....

    I note with interest that the Yahoo Xtra site is running a "news poll" with the question being:
    "Should other countries intervene in Zimbabwe?"

    The responses, as at 20:45 are, yes - 8789 or 88%, no - 943 or 9%, and not sure - 281 or 3%.

    As this is a fairly non political poll, and as such is probably free from the bulk voting of labour supporters, this probably reflects the atitudes of the readership. However I can't help but wonder if the "yes to no" ratio would be so large if the question was something like:
    "Do you think NZ troops should be part of any intervention force sent to Zimbawe to overthrow Mugabe?"

    This Little Piggy

    All I can see is a little flying piggy in front of a skinny porker. Bloody funny,eh?

    Failed priorities confirmed as Liarbour blunder backfires too!

    John Key is roasted over what is touted as an almighty gaffe over New Zealand history.
    But now Liarbour has delivered recession in election year, the left no longer want to talk about the economy.
    Instead, they reaffirm their Key Derangement Sydrome by attacking Key for what Michael Cullen has said himself!
    About something that happened, or didn't happen, over 100 years ago. Priorities! Priorities!
    It just confirms Liabour's inability to empathise with householders over the pain we face thanks to Liarbour's failed economic policies, especially when it seems recession will be confirmed tomorrow! The row just confirms what truly interests the left, and it ain't the voters!


    Let's summarise:

    1- We have State-owned enterprises funding shonky reports to promote government policy on emmissions trading.

    2- We have bureaucrats receiving bonuses just to join the union, with the aim some of the taxpayer cash will be funnelled back into Liarbour.

    3- We have a prime minister who fears a referendum, and an electoral chief too lazy to organise one in time for the general election giving her the excuse.

    4- And today we have another 'gate' for the government, giving Liarbour more 'gates' than you'll find on the biggest farm. It had already decided to sack the Hawkes Bay DHB Board before the supposed 'consultation period.' More ministerial meddling to protect Annette King and her husband.

    So there we have it, Liarbour riding roughshod over due and proper processes while getting its grubby paws on ou cash to fund its re-election. Call New Zealand a democracy? More like a Shamocracy!

    A Century of Top Ups?

    One of the most popular carvings I sell are these clever never ending sculptures. We call them Lovers Knots but I am thinking of changing them to Top Ups as that seems to be the way of the future

    "Helen's had her day"

    It's not me saying that but one of the people interviewed by Tracy Watkins of the Dominion-Post.
    John Boy was talking to Grey Power in the Hutt Valley and unlike when Winnie talks, the old dears managed to stay awake.
    "Key preaches to the converted",was the headline, but the kicker comes in the opening line, contradicting what Dear Leader was claiming the other day:
    "In heartland Labour, all is clearly not well."
    The people are 'disillusioned', they are unhappy about a lack of referedum on election day over smacking.
    Even the lightbulb ban is upsetting people, as it smacks of nanny state.
    Nanny state", "big brother" - they are increasingly the refrain from Labour's heartland.
    The only thing John Boy need worry about, judging by this audience, is being too much 'me-too' and Liarbour-lite!
    PS And consumer confidence at it's lowest since 1991 won't help Dear Leader either!
    UPDATE: The Hive notes Chris Trotter says she's a goner too!

    Clark decides what Key will do as PM in 2009

    If there is any referendum on child discipline laws it will be held by postal ballot in 2009, Prime Minister Helen Clark said today.
    Of course this is the same Helen Clark who also said this:
    Helen Clark: A lot of people aren’t comfortable with beatings but they don’t want to see, you know, stressed and harassed parents, you know, pulled in by the police because they, they smacked a child.

    Bob McCroskie: So you do not want to see smacking banned?

    Helen Clark: Absolutely not, I think you are trying to defy human nature.
    That's the problem when you live your life not by principles, but by polls.

    Cops acquitted so must be 'scum'

    If you're a young cop who, while chasing a car, drives into a power pole, knocking it over, which in turn lands on a small boy almost killing him, and you are convicted then all is swell. Justice.

    But if you're a cop in the watch house fingerprinting a dangerous, P-fuelled prisoner and you have to restrain him and are charged with Assault and are acquitted then all is not swell. You are in fact, "lower than low".

    So let me get this straight: if you're a cop charged with an offence and you're found guilty then that's patently the right result, but the victim's relatives will forgive you.

    But she said his family did not want Holmes to be sentenced to prison.

    "I do feel sorry for him, it's a mistake that he has made," she said.

    But if you're found not guilty that's patently the wrong result and you should expect no forgiveness.
    Reaction from the Falwasser family was predominantly surprise and disappointment. One close family member walked out saying "pigs", "no justice" and "bullshit".
    As a Mongrel Mob member said to me once "there ain't no justice bro', just us".

    And he was right.