Thursday, May 29, 2008

St Bernard seeks and finds government waste

Bernard Hickey of Show Me the Money on Stuff should be declared St Bernard, patron Saint of the Taxpayer.
After noting Michael Cullen's 'desperate and dangerous' budget last week, St Bernard is now looking at government waste, pledging to seek it out everyday.
In two blog posts yesterday, he produced a chart showing how government spending is set to grow much faster than the rest of the economy over the next three years.
Liarbour says there is no waste and taxcuts will mean cuts in government spending and services.
But St Bernard believes strong government growth has created an atmosphere of bureaucrats employ extra people, pay for consultants, etc, without questioning whether it is needed, and whether the private sector might use such resources better.
St Bernard kicks off noting faults in the government's new Winterwatch power supplies website.
And this was before he became aware of the controversies surrounding Housing New Zealand and luxury conferences.
My belief, backed with a bit of evidence, is that fast government spending growth is one of the reasons we have very high interest rates and rising inflation, as well as low productivity growth.
Indeed, with his second post, St Bernard refers to Housing New Zealand before moving on to the many well-paid jobs within government, wondering whether they are needed.
Many are communications staff, with the Ministry of Social Development employing 19, more journalists than the Dom-Post will have in its newsroom.
Central government currently has 11 positions open for communications professionals on There are currently 35 central government jobs on offer on TradeMe that are being paid more than $75,000 a year out of a total of 76 listings. The average annual salary is about $47,000.
Fifty-three of the 76 government jobs on offer are above the average salary.
Need I say more.

Update: As Housing NZ spent another $34,000 at Hotel Du Vin, Hawkes Bay DHB do it for just $180 all-in.

UPDATE 2: David Farrar reports a growth in ministerial staff numbers.

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Anonymous said...

The David Farrar story was a delight to behold.
There was the Prince of Baubles berating National for employing growing numbers of taxpayer funded bureaucrats for its operations when the record of Liarbore is far far worse.
Full marks to Mr Farrar for once more revealing the hypocrisy, incompetence and arrogance of Mr Peters.
Dear Leader's little lapdog has somewhat bitten her on the bum by raising this issue.


PS What examples of waste do we have today?