Monday, May 26, 2008

The Red Planet

Must confess that I love this stuff. I just hope that being the Red planet, when man does go there we leave the politicans behind, otherwise we will have people like Helhen getting big ideas

Having an Uncle like this helps as I have grown up with space exploration.

Actually had a piece of the moon that Ross gave me once, but I put it in such a safe hiding place that when we moved house I lost it!!

Was talking to him the other night to congratulate him on his 50th wedding aniversary.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the pollies should be first to go.
Why else call it the 'Red' Planet :)


Anonymous said...

Humans genes require them to migrate.
So we have a pretty mind blowing future ahead of us.

Anonymous said...

Well we have a red country!

Anonymous said...

Must I confess that I love this stuff?

Yeah. Me too. As I have since I was a little boy watching the last of the moonflights.

Speaking of which - you HAD a piece of the moon - and lost it!!!!!!

Actually one piece of coverage was the final straw in me dumping my Listener subscription in 1999.

tom hunter