Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Rail Purchase

Exactly who is going to pay for upgrades, specifically electrification, to the newly purchased NZ Rail?

Finance Minister Michael Cullen yesterday said the regional petrol tax in Auckland was necessary because it would help pay for electrification of the rail system.

When the government allowed Vector to be sold and ~$750 million sent back to Auckland shareholders, little did these Aucklanders know the government was operating under the maxim of "giveth with one hand, taketh with the other".

Are we Aucklanders just a tap for the government to turn on when it feels like?


Anonymous said...

Upgrading, electrification, buying more trains so they run every 10 mins, none of this will encourage Aucklanders to use rail.

Have the politicians ever heard of root cause?

Aucklanders don't use rail because most of them travel from suburb to suburb. Rail goes only north-south and central-west. There are many more compass points than just those, which the vast majority of Aucklanders traverse daily.

Just why, FFS, do the politicians imagine that people put up with daily gridlock which has been worsening for 15 years, if there was a viable alternative?

What astounds me is that some Auckland resident politicians are in favour of it: e.g. Locke and Clark. Words can't describe the stupidity.


libertyscott said...

No, the government already bought the Auckland network and trains years ago, so they are not connected. The passenger rail fetish in Auckland is ARC driven supported by Labour. What Cullen has purchased is the freight rolling stock, the ferries, the Wellington passenger trains and the long distance passenger trains.

Auckland's trains are a local government liability, I mean asset.

Anonymous said...

With a spot of luck Auckland will be taxed out of existence. Its a graffiti-riddled hovel anyway.

Next stop Wellington. Obliterate that slum and its bureaucrat ferals by the use of carbon taxes, massive levies on gays, green retards and policy wonks. Leave them with the lights out hissing at each other in the ruins.

Retire to the South Island with a decent supply of gin and contemplate the best view of the capital, over the stern and dropping below the horizon.

I'm beginning to like the look of the future after a slow start.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

National should sell off these toys the day after the election. They will be accused of greaking their word but they will be selling a liability not an asset. A few old worn out locos and a bunch of decrepit rusting rolling stock.

Cullen will go down in history as the 'Twice The Price Treasurer' or perhaps the 'Bunderbus Finance Minister'

Bill Einglish, you're welcome to those two.

James said...

They did say they'd sell 'em off last year.

But have apparently changed their minds.

The good thing about National is, well, you can trust their judgement. They have character and will do what's best for NZ. I am quite confident that the trains will be "gone by Christmas" --- and lots more by next Christmas. Frankly given the economic performance of NZ, they don't have any other options.

What someone needs to point out is that: NZ is too small for rail to be viable. EVER

the sooner the trains and rails are sold for scrap, the sooner we can have a debate about what to do with the right-of-way.

ACT has already proposed a toll road, for high-speed traffic in the daytime, and large trucks at night, to really get them off the roads.

The Greens will want an NZ long bike path

Labour will want a walking track because their voters can't even afford bikes any more.

Anonymous said...

Auckland will always be the cash cow.
We have too many rich pricks.
Wellington has many too.
But as they work for Liarbore, it alright.