Thursday, May 29, 2008

No Minister bloggers "threat to mothers"

I have to agree with Blair that Big Girl's Blouse is awesome. And how chuffed I was to notice that on a blogroll in which NZ's bloggers are given unsavoury names like "Wankfest," "Total Fucktard" and "Takes it up the arse," your hosts here at No Minister are given the (relative) accolade "Motherfuckers." Yeah, that No Minister, he must be one bad motherfucker.

On second thoughts, maybe I should have shut up - no doubt by tomorrow we'll be listed as "dog felchers" or something...



Cheers PM.
I agree about Big Girls Blouse.
It is an hilarious site.
I was to mention it in tomorrow's Friday Frolics post.
Think I will still.
They might have a new pic of John Boy :)

ISeeRed said...

Yeah, the vulgarity is a hoot at first, but the novelty soon fades to black. What's left is the same bitter resentment, poisonous envy, utter contempt, and blind hatred of "middle and upper class c*nts" as she most eloquently puts it that typify modern "progressives".

Anonymous said...

yeah milt, except the only dog felcher here is you.

Psycho Milt said...

Wow - an anonymous loony writing abuse on our blog. Who could have expected such a thing?