Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Liarbour corruption, cover ups and hypocracy

Hats off to TVNZ which is claiming credit over the Immigration fiasco.
And their story tonight concerning departing boss Mary-Anne Thompson offers some delicious insights into the conduct of our Liarbour government.
The Department of Labour had carried out an investigation into the incident and cleared her of any wrongdoing. But the State Services Commission is now investigating.
Thompson had been a high flying public servant, holding jobs in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet before signing up as head of the Immigration Service four years ago.
She got into difficulty after ONE News pushed for answers about her conduct
Never mind the fact that after gaining preferential access to New Zealand for members of her family, Thompson leaves with three months pay!
Now, didn't Dear Leader campaign against pay-offs to public sector chiefs who leave in dubious circumstances, promising higher standards of government way back in 1999.
Furthermore, coming so soon after yet another pay-off, doesn't this latest deal stink of hipocracy! Though it's not for the first time we have seen this.
In a week we have seen Cullen and Clark keep the details of the Toll Deal secret, we see more corrupt cover-ups from Liarbour.
This is grim news for the government, which on Tuesday was forced to reveal they have known about Thompson's behaviour for over a year.
Indeed, we only found out because immigration staff contacted the state-run tv channel.
Finally, I'm curious about Thompson's work in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.
It is reported that she did not get on with H2 Heather Simpson.
Is there some kind of corrupt pay off here, shunting her off to a top job in a government department to get her out of the way?
The whole issue stinks to me!

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mawm said...

So they lied in Parliament today about when they knew about Thompson's behaviour.