Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jumping into bed with Helen Clark

After being her bitch for so long, Green Party co-leader Jeanette Fitsimonsfeels scorned. And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
John Armstrong in today's Weekend Herald notes the fury of the normally placid Green, who turned on Liarbour in Parliament on Thursday.
Fitzsimons noted Liarbour's poor environmental record, despite its rhetoric, such as rapidly rising carbon emissions, even blaming Liarbour over a possible future extinction of the Hector's dolphin.
At the Greens annual conference last night, Nandor Tanczos told the party faithful that supporting Liarbour was a 'mistake.'
So the penny has finally dropped, that being too left-wing and shunning National means that they can well and truly be rooted by Liarbour. Tanczos fancies working with the Maori Party.
Instead of being just water melons, Green on the outside and red in the middle, perhaps an accomodation with National might be possible, or at least having the credible threat of such a possibility, then they might be able to strike a better bargain with Dear Leader.
You can see why Winston Peters gained so many baubles as the captain still had the plausible option of going with National.
Liarbour's history is one of using and abusing people as it suits them. There are dangers to jumping into bed with Helen Clark.
Today we see how Liarbour set out to destroy Winston Peters, who know props up a Liarbour-led adminitration. No doubt Liarbour would like to destroy Winnie today too.
Dear Leader has hung out Maryann Street to dry over the Housing NZ conferences fiasco.
Dear Leaders also looks set to do the same with Energy Minister David Parker should there be power cuts.
So indeed, the Greens need to assess their Liarbour love affair.
But National too need to look warily at what the Greens might offer future National -led coalition. There certainly needs to be a rejection of the neo-marxist policies we see at the moment.
The media simply sees the Greens as well-meaning tree-higging hippies. Few if any see what lies behind.
Thus, I hope Zen Tiger will update the research he did into Green Policies at Election 2005, when the media accused the Exclusive Bretheren of 'smearing' the Greens, but Zentiger found the Bretheren claims were largely true.
In the meantime, the smaller parties and government ministers need to realise Dear Leader is the preying mantis of New Zealand politics. If need be, after she has made love to you, she will eat you alive!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, I heard it as I was driving. VEry very funny.

Inventory2 said...

Apologies for link-whoring Fairfacts (really, truly, I'm sorry!), but this post is a timely reminder for the Nats of just who they're dealing with: