Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jack Nicholas case

From here:

Speaking to Radio New Zealand, Foreman's counsel, Bruce Squire QC, lashed out at the police investigation, labelling it "shoddy" and "selective".

He said police had made the "fatal flaw" that characterised many investigations of picking a particular individual and trying to fit a case around them, instead of thoroughly investigating a crime and remaining open minded until all the evidence was clear.

"They simply picked the wrong man and they should have known it long before they charged him," Mr Squire said.

Then, from here:

Napier Crown prosecutor Russell Collins declined any comment on Wednesday night after a jury acquitted Haumoana man Murray Foreman.

But he said on Thursday he was happy to comment on allegations by defence counsel Bruce Squire QC that Operation Kaweka was "shoddy" and "selective", focusing on one individual and fitting a case around him.

Mr Collins said there were 400 suspects, and it was more than 18 months before police made an arrest.

"It is totally unfair to say that it was shoddy and selective," he said. "There was a number of suspects and they were investigated thoroughly before any decision was made to charge Mr Foreman. I was surprised the criticism was levelled at the police," he said.

Couldn't have said it better myself.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Aren't the shouters forgetting the small matter of depositions hearings?

Anonymous said...

I didn't follow all the evidence but it seemed to me that Foreman confessed to a female next door neighbour who then left for Australia within a month....The verdict would seem to indicate that the Jury believed that she was lying, the Police having regard to other evidence, and having knowledge of the character of Foreman (knowledge denied to the Jury) decided she was telling the truth. Had FOREMAN given evidence and stated she was lying then his character could have been revealed to the Jury..The code of silence triumphant again.....Baxter

Anonymous said...

The "right to silence" is nothing more than the Right of Criminals to Escape.

If we want a safe and secure NZ, this needs to go!

WAKE UP said...

Every photo of Foreman published during the trial showed him respectable and well-groomed, in court in a suit and tie. Have a look at him in yesterday's Herald on Sunday... obviously, with the trial over, it was finally deemed safe to publish a photo of him looking like the hood he possibly is. is there anybody left with any faith in this country's justice system and pussy media?