Friday, May 23, 2008

I wish we had by-elections!!!

Oh don't they have much in common, this gruesome twosome!
They'd have more if we still had by-elections like they had in England on Thursday. Simply replacing someone from the list just ain't the same.
Now, the results of this by-election, set to be historic, as it is the opposition Tories first by-election win in 20 years, seeing them crush a former safe Liarbour seat with a huge swing to now have a large Conservative majority approaching 8,000.
Coming so soon after Liarbour's third place routing in the local council elections a couple of weeks back, and Liarbour being 26% behind the Conservatives in one poll, plus losing London, the poll is yet another humiliation for Gordon Brown and will fuel succession talk. Already pretenders to his thrown are being touted, just as thye are for Dear Leader.
Well, what can Dear Leader learn from Gordon, not much, though tax will have much to do with it. Liarbour UK has been stealing off the UK taxpayer for too long as well, and when times are hard, its is loose change that matters more than climate change. UK Liarbour's last budget scrapped a 10% starting rate, which has echoes in what I am suspecting Liarbour has done with the 19.5/21% rate. I await confirmation as to the real story here.
Either way, Liarbour UK and Liarbour NZ have both been around for too long. The voters have taken the phone off the hook. For either there seems nothing much either can do.
Also today, Roy Morgan produced another poll, which was surveyed prior to the budget and showed a growing lead for National, now 14% above Liarbour, with growing numbers, a clear majority now, believing the country is going in he wrong direction.
This, before TVNZ produces its May Colmar-Brunton Poll, which we strongly expect to be released for the 6pm news on Sunday. It will certainly be interesting to see what is said here, and certainly online comments in the papers do not sound encouraging for Liarbour.
But back to by-elections. If only we had them too. National, and maybe even ACT, could enjoy yet more spectacles at Dear Leader's expense, as the British and Kiwi publics continue their revolts against their Liarbour governments!


Clunking Fist said...

Handsome guy. Decisive, too.
"I've saved the economy before, I can save it again."
Did I mention modest?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. NZ does have by-elections. Why do you say we don't?


I don't think we've had one since 1998- the King Country by-election.
What happens now is if someone quits , a list member takes over.
There again, no mp seems to have died in office yet.
Is this the price we pay for eecting young pollies.

Clunking Fist said...

It's the cross we bear from having "only" 120-odd MP's. Plus we vote every 3 years, whereas the poor Brits have to wait 5 years to get rid of fuckwits, such as me namesake.

Anonymous said...

"What happens now is if someone quits, a list member takes over."

No. If someone quits or dies from an electorate seat we have a by-election.

Anonymous said...

Plus we vote every 3 years, whereas the poor Brits have to wait 5 years to get rid of fuckwits, such as me namesake.

Yes - and given a democratic and meriocratic electorate system, as the UK still has (while it has the Lords) - then 5 years is much better than 3; 7 would be better than 5, when it comes to governments making correct, long term decisions for the country!

We don't need bielections. We need a) a revised main electorate system, supported by a highly robust anti-corruption commission. If you like, you could follow California and have recall provisions (so e.g. being behind 20% in the polls would trigger an immediate general election). But, again, that mitigates against strong, economic-policy lead government, and that's what NZ needs and has always needed.

So: 7 year term, 40 electorates, 60 Additional Members elected from interest groups and sectors important to the economy. Perhaps have recall elections for electorates, and Additional Members can be removed at any time if they betray their appointing group. Oh, and whenever an MP loses his seat or is recalled, he is banned from all further public service or civil service jobs for life

Clunking Fist said...

Um, anon, the Lords were "reformed" into near ineffectualness by our friend and great all round good guy, Tony Blair. Plus, Liarbore are sustained in power by the SCOTTISH Liarbore British MPs. If England had its own parliament (as Scotland has), it would be Conservative. Mind you, the concepts of “England”, “Scotland”, “Wales” and “United Kingdom” are set for the rubbish bin of history as they march forward in the elitist bureaucratic project called “European Union”.

I would NOT look to the UK as a model for the way forward. Imagine if we had another TWO YEARS of Klark & Sullen.

No, the way forward is for those with a free-market, conservative or libertarian flavour to work to educate the electorate on why a country cannot TAX its way to riches. Oh, and how to vote strategically when you have an MMP system.