Thursday, May 22, 2008

I think the mother did it!

I'm glad I'm not alone concerning the Kahui trial. Blair Mulholland doubts Chris Kahui killed his twins and suggests the mother Macyna King may have done it instead.
I am going to call this prosecution what it is: Sexism. Circumstantial evidence demanded that if anyone was to be charged, it was Macsyna King. But she was not charged. The police knew they would not get a conviction for a woman. They also knew that they could not pin the deaths on any one member of the family. They were forced by public opinion to bring charges. They went for the easy kill by going for the crime of Fathering While Maori.
Now, while Blair may be sounding a little like Dad4Justice on this one, I think he is right about Kahui's innocence and Macyna's guilt.
There has been much evidence about her unsavouryness as a mother, evidence about her was ignored, plus she confessed, and the Crown has failed to pin the blame on the father.
And to put it charitably, the police often stuff up and do not have the best of records on high profile cases.


Blair said...

I would never be so bold as to hazard whodunnit in this case. All I've said is that they can't prove beyond reasonable doubt that it was Chris Kahui. He may well have done it for all I know.

Anonymous said...

Macsyna King has all the hallmarks of borderline personality disorder (aggressive, abusive, irresponsible, destructive relationships). That makes it very unlikely that she is the killer. These people harm their children by neglect, rather than violence. To argue that someone like Macsyna would sneak secretively back home and smash her children against a wall or floor is simply unbelievable. She is far more likely to just walk away and leave them. And I am certain that her defense lawyer would have brought lots of expert psychologists in to say just that.

The only likely suspect in this case appears to be Chris (which would also explain the silence of the other family members as I find it hard to believe they would be protecting Macsyna!). I will be surprised, however, if Chris is convicted as the overall case seems quite circumstantial and Ms King makes such an easy target.

Anonymous said...

This little tart is such a wonderful advert for DPB. Whether or not she has a borderline personality disorder or not, she is a drug addicted immature woman who was manipulating Chris through sex - at this particular time to punish him.

He, on the other hand, is a few tools short in his shed.

Anonymous said...

This little tart is such a wonderful advert for DPB. Whether or not she has a borderline personality disorder or not, she is a drug addicted immature woman who was manipulating Chris through sex - at this particular time to punish him.

He, on the other hand, is a few tools short in his shed.

Anonymous said...

Macsyna King is clearly unfit to be a mother.
And yes, the couple just show what is wrong with our welfare system.
It encourages/ allows the wrong people to breed when if they cannot raise kids properly they should give them up for adoption.

On the other hand, Chris Kahui seems a bit of a hottie!

Grey Lynn Goose

Anonymous said...

Chris found Not Guilty

So she did it then?

Oswald Bastable said...

Really a verdict of 'Not proven guilty'

Anonymous said...

I only know what I've read in the papers but I think you may be a bit rough on the Enquiry team. No Enquiry head would wait several weeks before talking to main suspects. I suspect the Departments Politically Correct Kaumatua and Iwi Officers may have been instrumental in delaying the action until after the funeral and grieving and by which time up to a dozen Legal Aid treasure seekers were in there creating a barrier between the offender/s and the Police. Likewise while obviously the evidence that a cellphone belonging to Macsynda was shown to be in an incriminating position at a certain time should have received attention any interview of her would have been up against the same barrier. KAHUI was charged because he made voluntary admissions, )to get it over with) Macsynda did not.
It is just as well he wasn't convicted the circumstantial evidence against either of them is weak and would have resulted in another of the lucrative(for lawyers) circuses Bain/Watson/Ellis/Barlow etc we already have running. I note the Police have decided not to take the matter further....Baxter.......

Grant said...

Chris found not guilty. and now this

"No further charges will be laid over twins death"

Two things spring to mind:

1/ Someone has got away with a particularly reprehensible murder, and

2/ I'd love to hear a comment from bradford regarding this.

Anonymous said...

Interesting isn't it that today the man accused of killing his twin babies by smashing their heads in was found Not Guilty.
The man accused of raping strangling to death his ten year old neice is found Not Guilty.
The man accused of attempting to murder his mother by giving her excessive morphine at her request in order to spare her excruciating and unbearable pain was found GUILTY.........Baxter

Keeping Stock said...

Baxter - the Christchurch case you referred to is another example of a bungled police enquiry. The police seemd to ignore the fact that she had AIDS by virtue of "accident of birth". At trial, even one of the crown's medical witnesses expressed surprise that the police had not sought further information from medical experts in South Africa who had for more experience with such cases, and the physical trauma that manifests in AIDS at its terminal stages. Had they done so, George Gwaze might never have been in the dock.

Anonymous said...


You are quite right about the Gwaze case. As an ex-SA doctor, I was also very surprised that they didn't seek a South African expert opinion. In fairness to the police, however, the forensic pathologist should have asked for a second opinion up front, knowing he or she was out of his field of expertise. It is not as if an SA pathologist is hard to find in NZ!


The man who euthanized his mother admitted giving her the morphine and had a nurse testify that he wanted someone to kill her. Hard not to convict him really...

mojo said...

Aha, Dr Jim ... from behaviour to construct to predicting behaviour ... pretty borderline stuff I would have thought, more reflective of the preconceptions of american epidemiologists than life.
... this of course refers to your first post.

WAKE UP said...

1) Kahui: Whether Chris Kahui did it or not, there's no doubt that the family knows who did it,and that he was taking the fall either way.

2) Gwaze: what the hell is an AIDS-infected migrant family doing here in the first place?