Sunday, May 25, 2008

Liarbour to blame over Kahui killings and the chaos that followed

Maia has created some outrage with her comments that 'capitalism and colonialism' are to blame for the killing of the Kahui twins.
Well, it is no more outrageous for me to say 'blood is dripping from the hands of Helen Clark for her role in the killing'.
And Dear Leader is guilty too for the shambles of a trial that followed.
Under Dear Leader, we have seen a growing Polynesian underclass, as highlighted by that academic report a few days back.
Though the economy has supposedly boomed under the benefience of Finance Minister Michael Cullen, worrying numbers of young Maori have decided it is better to live on a benefit.
The number of solo mums remains high and moral standards have continued their relentless decline, allowing situations where an immoral woman like Macsyna King can have 7 kids to three men, and abandon them, when really she should keep her legs crossed.
The collectivist ideology of this government continues to undermine personal responsbility, further instilling the belief that government provides, including with regular WINZ paycheques.
Thus, people who should not breed, do breed, excessively too as they are rewarded handsomely for it.
Added to this, is a paternalistic double standards that Maori are special and are not expected to meet the same standards as the rest, as somehow it is the fault of colonialism.
Thus, we accept second best or worse from Maori, which we would not expect from others.
The liberal left, especially, have lower 'expectations' of Maori and are thus as prejudiced, if not more so than others.
And then we see the trial and the role of the police. When the boys in blue are too busy revenue collecting on our highways, it is inevitable that the investigations of 'real crimes' will suffer.
Media reports note that the police were unable to make proper investigations due to a lack of resources.
Political correctness also gave the family too much breathing space to concoct a story that would make it impossible for the killings to have been pinpointed one anyone.
And, as Blair and others have noted, the police went for the man rather than the woman, when as much evidence suggested the mother was to blame.
Thus, considering how the police did not did their jobs properly for reasons of resources, feminism and political correctness, we can see why it took just ten minutes for a Not Guilty plea and how Helengrad has failed justice for the Kahui twins.
And by perpretuating the welfare state and the irresponsibility it festers, you can see the role of Helengrad in leading to the conditions behind the killings.
Outrageous for me to say that? Well, no more so that what Maia says.
In fact an argument that might well stand up in court!


Gooner said...

Funny you should pen this FFM as only this afternoon I was thinking how the National Party is to blame for this monumental cock-up. How?

Well, they were the government during most of the nineties when more cops perf'd from the force than ever before. National, and that deadbeat Minister Jack Elder, wer ewarned time and time again that this would have serious impact on the police as recruiting standards had to drop to account for the large exodus. And haven't the standards dropped!

First they relaxed the physical requirements; then they relaxed the academic requirements. Now they just ask "when can you start"?.

To be fair Labour has had nine years to turn this around but it hasn't. Cops aren't leaving in such great numbers nowadays I don't think but National started it! Trust me, I was there!

The end result is now, about 10 years later, we might just be seeing the results: Detective Constables working on homicide inquiries after only two years probationary service; novice cops working on enquiries that are beyond them, and fucking things up. Basic inexperience. That's all.

Elder was warned. Bolger was warned. You can blame 'Klark' if you like but the rot was well and truly entrenched by' 99.


Indeed Gooner!
We are ALL to blame.
The system is to blame.
Everyone that is, but the killers themselves!

Anonymous said...

The system is to blame.

Systematic police corruption under labour.
Weakened police recruiting under labour.

What is required- as the parents of the Christchurch kid killed last year said - is changing to a more robust system - via investigating detective magistrates, who have the power to compel testimony, imprison for contempt, and of course decide guilt or innocence and impose sentence, and deal with subsequent issues like CYFS custody, reparations/confiscations, etc.

The current criminal court cases would have ended very differently under that system.

So would the electoral issues - and indeed - the last election!

Psycho Milt said...

You need to make up your mind what your opinion on this actually is, FFM. Social factors either have an influence or they don't. If you're saying with this post that they do, why are you surprised Maia agrees?

WAKE UP said...

Here's how you bring a country to its knees and make it vulnerable to takeover (internally or from outside).

1. Destroy faith in the justice system, police, and rule of law, while co-opting them to your own agenda-driven purposes.

2. Decimate the armed forces and render them unappealing as a career option.

3. Constrain freedom of speech, first by political correctness, then by legislation.

4. Muddy the definition of what it means to belong to the nation by opening the immigration and workforce floodgates, creating a potentially explosive, paranoia-inducing multi-cultural mess.

5. Interfere constantly in normal, capable, intelligent people's lives to the point where you drive them out of the country.


7. Co-opt the public service to your agenda and people it with idiots like Joris de Bres. (Maybe Maia works there too :)

Thank god this government's going to be turfed out in the nick of time.

Lou Taylor said...

Well said wake up

Anonymous said...

Blamimg all and sundry on Dear Leader seems harsh.
But she is the most autocratic PM since Muldoon.
Her fingers are in everybody's pie.
And as you explain so well, she does indeed have blood dripping from her fingers.
Dear Leader has manipulated the police for political ends.
She is responsible for the mess they are in.
On the radio today she said she wanted justice.
Cue the police to do her bidding.
They are Liarbore's lapdogs after all.
But could we have a properly resourced police service too, so they don't make mistakes as they did in the case?
Or do we have to wait for a National-led government for us to acquire the kind of police force we need?


Anonymous said...

Well yes, Dear Leader is to blame.
Liarbore has turned the police into their little helpers.
Hullun and her henchpeople get away with crime and have turned the police into a PC pussy-whipped entity.
Thus the PC PCs had to sit back in the name of cultural sensitivity while Macsyna and the Kahuis could concoct a tale for the police.
The shame this government should feel over this but they won't since Hullun has no shame.