Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Global warming is good for you, and Gaia!

The Global Warming Review Paper rejects the doom and gloom promoted by govenments.

Indeed, echoing some points Adolf raised this morning, global warming might be good for you.

It all adds to what I posted last night about the 32,000 scientists who have signed a petition rejecting the hypothesis bandied about by the media and politicians.

And what did Dear Leader say about the debate being settled?

UPDATE: Melanie Philips identifies some of these deniers, noting there will be a book about them.


Anonymous said...

I happened to see a bit of denial from the Labour front benches when I flicked on to question time yesterday.

Rodney Hide asked David Parker about the global cooling since 1998 and his answer was a flat out denial that it had happened

Anonymous said...

This just shows why global warming is just a big leftist con to control our lives.
For decades they pushed communism, better red than dead they said.
But when communism and its collectivist ideology collapsed, the leftists had to find a way to save their socialism.
Thus, come on down Gaia, let's us control evrything that moves with the aim/ lie of 'saving the planet.'
But once more, the truth is getting in the way of a good story.
Now lefties may accuse skeptics of being in the pay of big government but aren't the global warming-mongers also in the pay of big government?

Anonymous said...

I have a question. What do you think that graph is saying?

Anonymous said...

No takers, OK then, the graph doesn't show the global temperature of the last 3000 years and the point 2006 is not from any measurement at all.

The measurements use one proxy from one location. If you hold this graph to be of any use in reconstructing past climate you'll love the 4th IPCC report which use about 12 proxies to do the same thing. Oh, no, you probably won't love it because it shows that globally we have never been this in ~2000 years...